April 15, 2024
WWE SmackDown results: Winners and grades as The Rock returns

Cody Rhodes will face face to face with Roman Reigns in SmackDown.

Credit: WWE.com

Roman Reigns came face to face with Cody Rhodes for the first time after Rhodes won his second Royal Rumble match on tonight’s sold-out SmackDown broadcast in Birmingham, AL. While Seth Rollins has made a compelling case for Rhodes to challenge him at WrestleMania, Rhodes is fully expected to end his storyline by challenging Reigns. Hours before SmackDown aired, there were also reports that both The Rock and CM Punk were backstage in Alabama.

SmackDown also included appearances from Logan Paul and women’s Royal Rumble winner Bayley, who announced who her WrestleMania 40 opponent would be and

Last week’s broadcast of SmackDown received a viewership of 2.475 million.

wwe smackdown results | 2 February 2024

  • Kevin Owens def. Austin theory
  • Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate won a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match
  • Tiffany Stratton def. michin

wwe smackdown ratings

  • 26 January 2024 | 2.475 million
  • 19 January 2025 | 2.408 million
  • 12 January 2024 | 2.424 million
  • 5 January 2024 | 2.465 million
  • 29 December 2023 | 1.355 million
  • WWE SmackDown Location: Legacy Arena (Birmingham, AL)
  • WWE SmackDown Tickets Distributed: 10,704
  • Available tickets: 18

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wwe smackdown winners and grades

logan paul debuts smackdown

Logan Paul started off by saying that they don’t want him here and he doesn’t want to be there either.

Paul said that Kevin Owens caused more damage to Paul than Floyd Mayweather because Owens drained his blood.

Receiving the “What” treatment, Logan Paul made fun of all the injured superstars—CM Punk, Seth Rollins, etc.—while calling himself “unbreakable” despite the fact that he was injured in 2022.

Opening Segment Grade: B

Kevin Owens def. Austin theory

Logan Paul appeared on commentary, and Corey Graves looked very awkward in a play-by-play role.

Graves was having trouble playing neutral party and not being able to cap for Logan Paul. He’s talented enough to eventually become comfortable in the role, but it’s hard to slay at first.

Austin Theory keeps getting better every week. This week, Kevin Owens learned his lesson and used brass knuckles to secure the victory, but hid them from the referee’s sight.

Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory Grade: B+

Dunn & Bate won a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match

There was a scene before this Fatal 4-Way Tag Team match that featured Santos Escobar leading a toast to “eliminate” LWO.

Joakim Wild asked the field “Do you want to go viral?” Before a handful of competitors launched him into the rest of the tag team. It was pretty impressive, but whether it will go viral or not remains to be seen.

Wilde and del Toro all figured it out with the help of Zelina Vega, who turned her attention to Electra Lopez with Meteora.

Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate won the match, meaning they advanced to the finals and would face the winners of the WWE Raw Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match Grade: B-

Bayley challenges Io Skye at WrestleMania 40

WWE rushed Bayley’s face-turn and feud with Io Sky because Damages was talking trash about Ctrl Backstage about Bayley. Unfortunately for them, Bailey could hear him.

Wade Barrett lost a lot of credibility by saying that he couldn’t wait to see who Bayley was going to challenge, which came after Bayley heard Io cursing out Bayley backstage.

Bayley started speaking Japanese to Damage CTRL and said she could understand what they said behind her back. Bayley then challenged Io Skye, a big chance if not rushed. The Kabuki Warriors and Iyo then attacked Bayley as the fans booed.

Bayley picked up a pipe from under the ring and cleaned house. As the crowd grew, he challenged Io Sky to a WrestleMania match.

Bayley’s WrestleMania Challenge Segment Grade: A

Tiffany Stratton def. michin

Before this match, there was a dispute between Bobby Lashley and Street Profits and The Final Testament. Team Lashley was saved by the returning B-Fab.

It seems too early for Tiffany Stratton to compete on the main roster, but as a highly athletic gymnast, Stratton should eventually swim just fine after being thrown into the deep end.

It was advertised as the SmackDown main event at 6:20, meaning The Rock would probably cut his garden-variety half-hour promo.

It wasn’t such a bad debut for Stratton by any means.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Mitchin Grade: B-

Cody Rhodes makes his decision, The Rock returns

Roman Reigns eliminated Seth Rollins. He began by mentioning Rollins’ name, then said “Absolutely, no pop!” He called Seth his “younger brother”. He said that Rollins cannot call himself a man who runs around wearing his wife’s clothes. He said that Rollins broke his back for three months trying to push him to WWE Raw. Then he started limping and asked Alabama if any workhorse “walks like this?” Reigns seemed justifiably angry at the discussion of him being a part-timer, saying that he works 10 times less than Rollins but makes 10 times more money. This could be the biggest promo of Reigns’ career. crazy.

Fans chanted “Cody!” chanted as Rhodes’ music stopped. Rhodes said that he is coming for Roman Reigns’ title, but not at WrestleMania. This prompted The Rock to return. As soon as SmackDown went off the air, The Rock faced Roman Reigns.

Cody Rhodes’ Challenge Segment Grade: A

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