April 15, 2024
Why IT pros expect Big Game Monday to be their busiest day of the year

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IT professionals — or should we say, the real MVPs — are preparing for an overloaded Big Game on Monday, as hybrid workers say they’re planning to stay home after Super Bowl LVIII.

Plan. Due to the increase in remote work, IT staff are about to have one of the busiest days of the year for remote IT issues, according to a new report from Atera – an AI-powered platform for IT professionals that provides services like remote monitoring. Provides and help desk solutions.

Of the IT professionals surveyed, 77% said they expect to see a “tsunami” of issues on the big day, led by software outages (50%), followed by users clicking on phishing links (42%) and Forgetting your password (37%).

“You definitely see a little brain fog. Specifically, one that comes to mind is March Madness – especially because those games are taking place during the weekday,” Landon Goins, enterprise solutions engineer at Simpress Technology, told IT Brew.

Cough cough. 41% of hybrid employees surveyed said they would call in or work remotely on Big Game Monday. Their excuse? More than half of them said they would either tell their manager they were bad or get a “layoff.” Of those who will report to work, 31% said they expect to be groggy and 25% expect to be irritable the next morning.

Half of remote or hybrid respondents also said they would be more likely to use their personal computers and devices while working from home, which could leave them vulnerable to phishing attacks and other cyber threats if they don’t have proper measures in place – Such as updated antivirus software.

“I’ve been part of the BYOD—bring your own device—environment before,” Gaines said. “And of course it has its challenges, because, who knows? When you have a personal device, you’re not able to manage it remotely from an IT administrator’s perspective.

While some employees leave for vacations or sporting events, IT teams are often left holding down the help desk. Two-thirds of IT professionals in the US agreed that it is harder to take time off than colleagues in other departments, which can easily lead to burnout. Still, IT professionals like Gaines say they are generally well-equipped to mitigate and resolve all types of issues.

“IT professionals, we want our users to succeed – and we want them to have the proper tools they need to get the job done,” he said. “If they’re putting themselves in situations that we don’t recommend, we’re going to do our best to protect our environment because we are both the first line of defense and the last line of defense.”

Hopefully your Big Game Monday is filled with some good recoveries, saves and – zero (data) interceptions.

Source: www.itbrew.com

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