February 22, 2024
What is TEMU? Everything You Need to Know About the Brand Behind the Most-Viewed Super Bowl Ad

The brands spent $7 million for a 30-second ad at the big game on February 11. No company made more money than controversial shopping app Teemu, which went viral for airing four “Shop Like a Billionaire” broadcasts, new research shows. “Advertising during Super Bowl LVIII.

The Super Bowl spot — which cost an estimated $19 to $28 million in total — featured Teemu’s shoppers shopping for dresses, wigs and more at bargain prices (we’re talking $9.99 for a sequin red gown). They were set to a seriously addictive jingle (“I get it straight from the manufacturer/I’m shopping like a billionaire”), which clearly benefited search volumes.

According to Google Trends analysis from promotional products company Pens.com, online searches for the brand have increased by more than 1,000% in the US. This makes Teemu the clear winner of all the brands competing for the Super Bowl, with the retailer beating out big names like Disney and Volkswagen.

Think of temu (pronounced “tem-oo”) as sugar-based wayfair. It is an online marketplace that sells everything from clothes to kitchen appliances at rock-bottom prices. It was founded in 2022 by the same Chinese retailer behind Pinduoduo, another e-commerce platform.

Per wiredTemu’s direct-to-consumer model keeps prices low. They sell directly from Chinese sellers to US buyers, bypassing US-based warehouses.

But the retail giant is currently surrounded by controversies. In 2023, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Teemu claiming the company uses “deceptive” methods to obtain user data in violation of customer privacy rights. Per CBS NewsThe lawsuit alleges that Teemu’s platform is “loaded with tools to execute virulent and dangerous malware and spyware activities on user devices.”

The Better Business Bureau has given Teemu a weak C+ rating, citing thousands of customer complaints over the past three years. Frequently encountered problems include low-quality products, undelivered products, and unresponsive customer service lines.

Given the brand’s legal troubles and cheap-o ethos, Teemu had a great day on social media with his Super Bowl spot making waves. “How is Teemu tolerating so many commercials,” one Twitter user wrote alongside the viral image of Travis Kelce’s sideline freakout.

Another poked fun at the company’s alleged misdeeds (“Temu used y’all’s credit card information to buy two Super Bowl ads”). And one had choice words for Teemu’s earworm advertising tunes: “They were like ‘Ooh ooh Teemu!’ Let’s play! The song at the gates of hell.”

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