March 4, 2024
AI chatbots ‘hallucination’ but can ChatGPT or Bard be ‘hypnotised’ to give malicious recommendations?

X owner Elon Musk first expressed support for Argentine’s new President Xavier Miley after his election in November.


Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of social network Watching the head of state closely. ,

“We need to talk, Elon,” Miley replied to the ex, on Twitter.

This is not the first time that SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Musk has expressed support for Miley on social media.

“Prosperity is about to come to Argentina,” Musk wrote when Miley won the election on November 19.

In the interview excerpt posted by Musk, Miley spoke out against efforts to make society more equal, saying that it is far more important for people to be free.

Miley said, “There’s a great quote by Milton Friedman that I find excellent, which is that when you prioritize equality over liberty, you get nothing. But when you prioritize liberty over equality , so you gain much of both.” Interview, referring to the American economist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1976.

In the same interview, Miley said that 19th-century British philosopher, economist and politician John Stuart Mill argued that a society that insists on equality “ultimately becomes a society of robbers and sinks. That’s the history of Argentina. Is”.

The president-elect, who takes office on Sunday, also said income redistribution involved “using the repressive apparatus of the state to take from the successful” and “arbitrarily depending on what the person in power wants.” “to distribute”.

Miley has also attracted the attention of former US President Donald Trump and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who interviewed Miley before the election.

Trump congratulated Miley on her victory in a phone call last month in which he told the president-elect he planned to visit Buenos Aires.


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