February 24, 2024

1. Dried fruit

Fresh fruit is without a doubt a fantastic option for your overall health. However, Gervacio warns that the dried variety is typically higher in sugar, making it a potentially poor choice that could contribute to visceral fat when eaten in excess.

“They may be packed with antioxidants and are great addition to oatmeal or salads, but they may have added sugar that adds a lot of calories,” she says. It’s no secret that consuming too much sugar can result in serious health complications, including the accumulation of visceral fat. “It’s very easy to consume a larger portion of dried fruits compared to the fresh ones. This can result in higher caloric intake and weight gain over time.”

Whenever possible, it’s best to opt for fresh fruit instead. When you do consume dry fruit, it’s in your best interest to practice moderation and refrain from overindulging.

2. Granola

Like dried fruit, granola is another popular topping for yogurt that you may think is healthy choice. After all, oats and nuts are packed with health benefits! Unfortunately, though, most varieties of granola are extremely high in sugar, making it an unexpected contributor of visceral fat.

“While it can be healthy, is typically quite high in sugars, calories, and fats, when store bought. These things can lead to unwanted weight gain, chronic health conditions, and increases in visceral fat over time,” Feder says. Making homemade granola is one great idea, as this will help you stay in control of the ingredients you’re consuming and limit the amount of sugar.

3. Flavored yogurt

When you choose the right varieties, yogurt can be one of the best foods for your overall health thanks to its high amount of protein and probiotics. Plain Greek yogurt, for example, is packed with health benefits. However, Feder says you shouldn’t be fooled by flavored varieties, even if they seem healthy.

“While plain yogurt is quite healthy for you, there are a lot of sweetened, high fat, sugary brands that are offered at the grocery store,” he says. “The artificially flavored, high fat, and sugar sweetened yogurts can contribute to unwanted weight gain, chronic health conditions and increased in visceral fat over time.” Say it ain’t so!

4. Fruit juice

Although fruit is great for you, fruit juice is another story—especially when it comes to store-bought juices. These processed juices are likely loaded with sugar, and they’re stripped of many of the health benefits of whole fruit. In fact, Gervacio says drinking bottled fruit juice on a regular basis could contribute to visceral fat.

“Even 100% fruit juices can be high in sugar,” she warns. “Also, they have a higher glycemic index as compared to fresh fruits. Foods with high glycemic index cause a rapid spike in the blood glucose (blood sugar) causing the release of insulin. Increased insulin is associated with fat storage as the body prioritizes using glucose for energy, suppressing fat to be broken down for energy.” Yikes!

So, next time you’re at the grocery store, consider leaving these items on the shelves. Your body will thank you!

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