September 27, 2023
UFO Hearing – Live: NASA to release first-ever report on mysterious objects in the sky


NASA is about to release the first findings of its report on unidentified paranormal phenomena or UFOs.

The space agency has launched a study in response to various reports of unexplained and unidentified craft reported by American pilots and others.

It states that Unidentified Unusual Phenomena or UAP are defined as “observations of phenomena in the sky that cannot be identified from a scientific point of view as aircraft or known natural phenomena”. It notes that there are very few high-quality observations of the phenomena, making them difficult to understand scientifically.

Its announcement said the first report would “inform NASA about what potential data could be collected in the future to shed light on the nature and origin of UAPs”. “The report is not a review or evaluation of previous anonymous observations.”

A media briefing on the report will begin at 10am local eastern time or 3pm in the UK. The report will be published about half an hour earlier, NASA said.

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Panel comes at busy time for foreign hearings

10:11 , Andrew Griffin

The NASA panel will meet amid controversy over a hearing in Mexico’s Congress in which a journalist revealed what he believed to be mummified alien corpses. Scientists have rejected the claims outright.

We probably wouldn’t get any of this from NASA today. His hearing is expected to be much more measured, scientific and far-sighted.

Who will be present at the briefing?

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The panel has a high-profile line-up – including NASA chief Bill Nelson. Here’s the full list of who will be presenting today from NASA:

  • NASA Administrator Bill Nelson

  • Nicola Fox, Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters in Washington

  • Dan Evans, assistant deputy associate administrator for research, NASA’s Science Mission Directorate

  • David Spergel, President, Simons Foundation and Chairman of NASA’s UAP Independent Study Team

How to watch the briefing

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NASA will be live streaming its panel today on its channel. These can be found on NASA TV and mobile apps, as well as on NASA’s dedicated live page.

It starts at 10 am local Pacific time.

Hello and welcome…

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… To IndependentLive coverage of today’s UAP hearing at NASA.


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