November 30, 2023

Touching the Heart of the Nation’s Elite – “Secret Millionaire”

Scott Jacobs was one of the youngest known owners of an art gallery at the “barely wet behind the ears” age of 19. Years later he earned his way to being the first officially licensed artist for Harley-Davidson. As his work grew in popularity, Scott was fortunate to expand his artistic ability to include wine spirits still-lifes, classic cars, and lifestyle imagery. Scott’s art is known world-wide and is now featured in galleries and collections in more than 60 countries.

Because of Scott’s success, he has been able to live up to taking responsibility for his actions and giving back to the community. For this reason, Scot and his 10 year old daughter, Alexa, embark on a journey to search out the people in need of financial assistance as they leave behind their wealthy lifestyle in San Diego to spend six days in Newark, New Jersey. While the father/daughter duo is on their mission, they will make do on $71 for the week.

Their first stop is the International Youth Organization (IYO). They learn that the organization was started by Carolyn and her late husband, James. They help young people get jobs and learn how to take care of themselves. While Scott and Alexa take on the task of helping a group clean up a cemetery, one of the young boys tells them how he helped raise his brothers and sisters after both his parents died. Alexa is stunned because she can not imagine being without her parents.

When Alexa and her dad return, they tell the ladies that this is the first time they have volunteered for anything, but are so motivated now with what they have seen. She hands Mrs. Wallace a $50,000 check. The ladies jump for joy and offer lots of hugs and emotion. Mrs. Wallace is touched.

Next the duo hits the Veterans Transition Center which was started by some men who had a friend that was killed in Iraq. Their mission is to help veterans adjust to life when they return home. Scott and his daughter accompany the guys on a midnight search for homeless veterans. Alexa meets Ray, a Vietnam vet who has PTSD.  Scott is impressed with Alexa as she is way out of her comfort zone, yet handling herself so courageously.

Next the two participate in what the center calls a “Stand Down” event which offers food, clothing, and medical assistance to homeless vets and their families in need. During this event, they meet the mother of Seth Dvorin, a 24 year old who saved 18 men while in Iraq. The “GI Go” fund exists to keep Seth’s memory alive. Seth’s friends never take a salary, and they live at home, barely making ends meet themselves. Scott can not wait to assist them with a financial donation. He hands the organization a check for $75,000. Tears are pouring off Seth’s mother’s face, as well as his friends, along with Scott and Alexa.  Not only have Scott and Alexa helped the veteran center, they have helped fulfill the need for compassion in their own life and revel in the joy that giving back has given them.

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