December 1, 2023
Top 3 Cryptos to Buy Under  Next Week

The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a significant boom, which has attracted the attention of investors around the world. While Bitcoin and Ethereum remain in the headlines, interest is growing in more affordable altcoins, These budget-friendly options offer investors with a high risk tolerance an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and potentially reap substantial profits in the upcoming bull market. Here are 3 cryptos to buy under $7.

Crypto Price Analysis: Time to Buy?

Over the past week, the cryptocurrency market has shown remarkable fluctuations in terms of market capitalization and Bitcoin dominance. Here are the details based on data from CoinMarketCap:

The total market cap of cryptocurrencies is fluctuating. The market cap was approximately $1.36 trillion on November 15, 2023, which increased to approximately $1.44 trillion on November 16. However, there was a slight decline to $1.38 trillion on November 17, followed by a gradual rise to $1.42 trillion by November 21. This indicates some degree of volatility in the market within the week.

Total Crypto Market Cap in USD – Trading View

7-day and 30-day display

The market has experienced volatility over the past 7 days, reflecting the inherent volatility of the crypto market. Over a 30-day period, this trend is more pronounced, with significant fluctuations in market cap values. These activities suggest a market that is responsive to external factors and investor sentiment.

Bitcoin dominance: still king

Bitcoin’s dominance in the market has remained relatively stable but has shown a slight upward trend. Starting from 50.90% on 15 November, it increased to 51.67% by 21 November. This increase in dominance indicates that Bitcoin, despite market fluctuations, continues to maintain a significant position in the cryptocurrency market.

Altcoin Market Cap: is continuously increasing

Variability was also observed in altcoin market cap. It started at around $669.9 billion on November 15 and reached around $699.8 billion on November 16, before fluctuating and stabilizing at around $685 billion by November 21. This reflects the dynamic nature of altcoins and their sensitivity to market changes.

Top 3 Cryptos to Buy Under $7 Next Week

#3 Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap, known for its revolutionary Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, has changed the landscape of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This model allows token swaps directly on the blockchain without intermediaries, making it a preferred platform for trading new crypto assets. Thanks to its innovative approach, Uniswap remains the most active decentralized exchange in terms of trading volume.

UNI/USD 1-day chart – TradingView

UNI token holders control the Uniswap protocol, with the ability to submit and vote on proposals. Initially distributed via airdrop, UNI tokens are now widely available for trading. The protocol has expanded its offerings, including a non-custodial mobile wallet compatible with Ethereum and Layer 2 scalability platforms like Arbitrum and Optimism.

As of now, UNI is trading at around $5.23, with a market capitalization of over $3 billion. Once it reached a high of $42.4, indicating the potential for significant growth in the next bull market.

#2 AppCoin (APE)

Apcoin (APE) is a unique player in the crypto space, focusing on collectibles, NFTs, content creation, gaming, and the metaverse. As part of the Ethereum ecosystem, APE has attracted attention for its involvement in various innovative areas.

APE/USD 1-day chart – TradingView

Currently trading at around $1.53, ApeCoin has a market capitalization of approximately $563 million. With a 24-hour trading volume of over $121 million and a recent price increase of over 10%, APE shows strong market activity and growth potential.

#1 Thorchain (Rune)

Thorchain (RUNE) serves as a decentralized exchange token within the Cosmos ecosystem, with an emphasis on DeFi and DEX functionalities. Its robust proof-of-stake consensus mechanism ensures secure and fast transactions.

RUNE/USD 1-day chart – Trading View

The price of RUNE is currently around $5.19, with a market capitalization of around $1.75 billion. The token has increased by a remarkable 193% over the past 30 days, indicating strong momentum and the potential for further appreciation.

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