April 15, 2024
Today's 'Wordle' hint and clue for Saturday, February 3 (Wordle #959)

Holy smokes, it’s the first Saturday of February! It’s also a snowy day and I’m busy with household chores and basically being a housewife, cooking, cleaning and organizing, all that stuff. I believe I would have been a good stay-at-home father or “house husband”.

In any case, I’m late to this post so let’s skip the prologue and get straight into it!

How to solve today’s wordle

Signal: Very short, and sometimes directly before the soft.

Signal: This Wordle ends with a vowel.






Can you solve today’s phrase?

wordley analysis

Every day I check the Wordle bot to see how I did. You can check your Wordles with Wordle Bot right here,

One of those days when you don’t find a great opening word and it’s hard to come back from. bloat i found another yellow box spinal cord I got another one, but it wasn’t until curio I narrowed it down to just one remaining word: micro To win!

competitive wordley score

I get no points for guessing in four and -1 point for losing to a bot that gets in three. regret!

Today’s Word Etymology

The word ‘micro’ comes from the Greek prefix “micro-“, meaning “small.” It has been adopted in English and many other languages ​​to denote something that is small in size or scale. This prefix is ​​used in various scientific and general contexts to indicate a factor of one millionth (in measurement) or to indicate something that is significantly smaller than a standard or standard size, such as a “microorganism” (a very small organism), “microscope” (a device for viewing very small objects), and “microchip” (a tiny semiconductor used to perform logic and memory functions).

Source: www.forbes.com

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