December 1, 2023
The strangest moments of Argentina's new President Javier Miley, the Trump-backed, tantric sex-obsessed economist

Argentina’s next president is a far-right economist who is also a self-described expert in tantric sex with a long list of far-right views and bizarre public behavior.

Xavier Miley, 53, has raised the possibility that people should be allowed to sell their organs, has four cloned mastiffs he calls his “four-toed children” and believes sex education is part of a Marxist conspiracy. Part of which is aimed at destroying the family.

And he calls himself “the lion”.

Miley has far-right conservative politics, a larger-than-life public persona, and unruly – but real – hair, which has even earned her the nickname “Wig”.

Due to all this, he has started being compared to former US President Donald Trump. Trump himself appeared to support Miley, writing on the Truth social platform that Trump was “very proud” of the political firebrand for her decisive victory on Sunday.

Before entering politics Miley was a television talking head who was loved by bookers for his criticisms of government spending and the ruling political class.

Until a few months ago, hardly any political expert believed he had a real chance of becoming president of South America’s second-largest economy.

But Miley has shaken up Argentina’s political establishment and garnered huge support with his prescriptions for tough measures to rein in rising inflation and promises of deep cuts and elimination of government spending, effectively positioning himself as a longtime bipartisan. Have been included in the system. Entire department.

Miley easily defeated Economy Minister Sergio Massa on Sunday, 55.7% to 44.3%. Miley won all but three of the country’s 24 provinces, and Massa won before election authorities began announcing preliminary results.

‘Tantric sex expert’, with a new glamorous girlfriend

During her many television appearances, Miley didn’t just talk about economics and politics.

He also delved into his personal life and once presented himself as an expert on tantric sex, openly discussed how he repeatedly participated in group sex, and provided bedroom tips.

For most of her adult life, Miley did not have a serious romantic partner and did not have any friends.

After saying for several months that he did not have time to date, he began a relationship with actress and artist Fatima Florez in July.

She is known for imitating Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who was president from 2007–2015.

Argentina’s President-elect Javier Meili (right) celebrates with his girlfriend Fatima Florez after winning the presidential election at his party headquarters in Buenos Aires on November 19, 2023. Photo by Luis Robayo/AFP via Getty Images

An ‘anarcho-capitalist’ liberal

At the heart of his economic plan for Argentina is a proposal to replace the local currency, the peso, with the US dollar. He has repeatedly said that the only way to end the problem of inflation, which has reached above 140%, is to stop politicians from continuing to print money.

In such a situation, he is planning to eliminate the Central Bank.

A self-described “anarcho-capitalist”, Miley’s libertarianism was a novelty for Argentina.

He has spoken out in favor of loosening the country’s labor laws and has promoted an altogether smaller government approach to promoting economic growth. This includes eliminating half of the government ministries, including health and education. He champions the epitome of deep cuts, having campaigned several times with a spinning chainsaw in hand.

Before coming into the public spotlight, Miley was the chief economist at Corporation America, one of Argentina’s largest business conglomerates, which, among other things, runs most of the country’s airports.

He worked there until 2021, when he won his seat as an MLA.

a culture warrior

Miley sees himself not just as a right-leaning politician, but also as a culture warrior with a mission to shake up Argentine society.

Some of Miley’s posts appear to echo more conservative Republicans in the US, while her fiery, profanity-laden rhetoric has already raised her to prominence in the global culture war that has at times raged in the US, neighboring Brazil and elsewhere. Influences political discussion.

Miley opposes feminist policies and abortion, which Argentina has legalized in recent years, and has proposed a referendum to repeal the law. He also rejects the established science that humans play a role in climate change.

In a televised appearance, he condemned Pope Francis, who is Argentinian, as an “idiot” for defending social justice and called the head of the Roman Catholic Church “the representative of evil on earth.”

Similar to Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”, Miley has said that he would return the country to an unspecified period of greatness.

“Argentina is going to regain the place in the world that it should never have lost,” Miley said at her victory rally on Sunday. His followers have accepted the comparison, and often wear hats with the words “Make Argentina Great Again”.

Proud owner of four cloned English Mastiffs

Miley had a deep bond with her English Mastiff, Conan, who passed away.

He now reportedly has at least four other clones using Conan’s DNA, all of which are named after economists.

-With the Associated Press

Javier Miley arrives at the Teatro Colón Opera House with his girlfriend Fatima Florez on Friday, November 17, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. AP Photo/Ramiro Souto


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