June 19, 2024
The Simpsons Season 35 Continues Its Oldest Problem (What Makes South Park Good)


  • The Simpsons season 35 will likely address NFTs in an episode, but South Park already covered the topic before it became old news.
  • The long production process of The Simpsons makes it difficult for the show to stay up to date with current issues.
  • The Simpsons should focus on its strengths instead of trying to copy South Park’s writing style in Season 35.

Whereas simpsons While Season 35 will appear to be satirizing a notorious viral trend, this story is likely to draw attention to a problem that creates South Park Stand out better than your competitors. Ever since the series started, simpsons Has been a phenomenally impressive show. In the late 1980s and early ’90s, the huge success of a ribald adult animated comedy on prime-time television led networks to green-light projects fish police, Capital CrittersAnd family dog, A few years later, a series of more successful projects began King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead, South ParkAnd family Guy all borrowed elements of simpsons Formula.

However, long ago simpsons Season 35, the show itself is borrowing from its imitators. South Park declared infamous”simpsons did it“Just about every comic storyline under the sun, but in the years since that episode aired, simpsons Have followed the examples set by South Park And family Guy On many occasions. This is usually not a problem for a long-running chain, as it is allowed to borrow from its competitors. simpsons Telling risky jokes and adopting new comedy styles. However, this can become a real problem for the series when simpsons tries to get ahead South Park In a particular area.

The Simpsons Season 35 NFT episode may arrive too late

Looking at the uniquely animated ape in which Homer appears simpsons In the trailer for Season 35, the upcoming outing is likely to feature an episode focused on NFTs. However, this topic has already been discussed by both South Park and in 2022 futurama In 2023. Whereas South ParkThe special has been delayed to 2023, with the show’s comedic take on NFT mania set to air in June 2022. South Park NFTs were mocked while they were still a newsworthy topic, not a tired fad that most audiences had long forgotten. However, the long production process simpsons This means the show took a while to gain momentum.

This is an area where South Park Has always been an advantage. South ParkThe unique production process allows the show’s creators to write, animate, produce, and air each new episode over a period of five days. This ambitious rate results in South Park Discussing news events as they unfold, which gives the show a unique ability to focus on topical humor. simpsons Season 35 is taking a big risk by creating an episode about NFTs in 2023, when the phenomenon has long disappeared from the public consciousness. If anything, the outing is likely to draw attention for how timely it is South ParkThe satire is comparative.

The Simpsons Season 35 Is Struggling With Its Oldest Problem (South Park Avoids It)

long production process of simpsons This means the show isn’t able to handle topical issues without feeling overly dated. NFTs were old news even before futurama He was mocked in August 2023, and simpsons The NFT episode of Season 35 will arrive in October 2023 at the earliest. This is not inherently a bad thing simpsons It doesn’t take a well-timed, sarcastic joke to be successful. simpsons Achieving major milestones by not relying on its competitors’ formulas, instead focusing on the show’s own strengths. Like, while borrowing South ParkTricks are okay on occasion, simpsons Season 35 shouldn’t try to copy the writing style of the series.

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