February 24, 2024
'The Daily Show' host Michelle Wolf praises Elon Musk for 'incredible' achievement: 'He's turned people into advertisers!' , Video

Elon Musk is not at all happy with advertisers who have pulled out of buying from Twitter, now known as Be done.” And, according to Michelle Wolf, guest host of “The Daily Show,” the fight is an “incredible” accomplishment for Musk — he’s inspired people to build businesses.

Kicking off Thursday’s headlines segment with the latest developments surrounding Musk and him, Wolf joked that “he’s on a non-apologetic apology tour following the fallout from his anti-Semitic tweets and like Tesla, it’s Bursting in his face. ,

Wolf then pulled a clip of Musk during an interview on Wednesday in which he first apologized for the post, but then argued that it should not have resulted in a mass exodus of advertisers.

He said, “If someone is trying to blackmail me by giving advertisements, trying to blackmail me by taking money, then run away yourself.” “What’s the obvious thing? It seems so to me.”

While poking fun at Musk’s strange hand gestures in the clip, Wolf agreed that one thing is definitely clear.

“It’s clear that Elon has accomplished something incredible. He’s made people root for advertisers!” He joked. “That’s crazy. Anyone can build an electric car, but you’re the only true genius who can lose the coolness battle to Mucinex.

Wolf then quickly dismissed the idea of ​​advertisers “blackmailing” Musk by leaving the platform.

He mockingly said, “Elon, you are not the victim here, not advertising on Twitter is not blackmail.” “They don’t want anything from you, they don’t, they just don’t like you. And you should be used to it by now!”

He continued, “This guy swears so badly that he doesn’t want to be liked, but it’s so obvious to everyone that he really wants to be liked. He wants to be liked so much, he bought a company that is based on likes. He is the poster child of ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. You can see it in his recently purchased face.

You can watch the full headline segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.

Source: www.thewrap.com

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