June 19, 2024
The Center for Arts and Technology unveils its inaugural Future Scholarship recipients: four extraordinary winners

Kelowna, British Columbia, September 27, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Center for Arts and Technology (CAT), a PTIB-designated college with a 20-year history in Kelowna, is pleased to announce four winners for the Centre’s inaugural Create Your Future Scholarship. has been selected. This scholarship provides high school students with a unique opportunity to compete for a full tuition award that can be applied toward one of four programs in college. After submitting a portfolio and personal video statements, the four top applicants were selected by a panel composed of the center’s instructional staff and working professionals from the local community. Top applicant, Sani Supinen, was awarded a full scholarship and will begin an 18-month professional filmmaking program at the center this October. Three additional winners were also selected and will each receive a $5,000 scholarship for tuition at the center.

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Victor Poirier, head of the Department of Commercial Filmmaking, presents the full scholarship award to grand prize winner Sani Suppinen. (Photo: Business Wire)

CAT looks forward to offering this scholarship annually, and CAT President, Jeremy Sabel, shared this:

“For over 20 years in Kelowna and over 40 years in BC, the Center for Arts and Technology is proud to work with countless talented artists and creators from across Western Canada, helping them achieve their career aspirations. has helped. With the launch of our Create Yours this year we should have known what to expect from future scholarships, but we were still pleasantly surprised by the quality and diversity of submissions. It was really encouraging and inspiring to find out There is so much passion and talent in the creative arts across Canada, and we feel fortunate that we can provide a learning environment in which talent can flourish, not just for scholarship applicants but for all students who Who choose to start their career journey with us. Congratulations to the winners! We’ll see you soon.”

Congratulations to top recipient Sani Supinen. Her unique portfolio and personal statement wowed the judges and outshined other close competitors. When Sani was asked about her achievement, she said, “I am so grateful to receive such an incredible, life-changing award. A huge thank you to the team at CAT for making the application process as seamless as possible with my video submission , it means the world!”

Further congratulations go to the three $5000 scholarship recipients: Julian Lamprecht (2D Animation and Digital Art), Emmalee Klettke (2D Animation and Digital Art), and Connor Robertson (Professional Filmmaking).

Those interested in learning more about the scholarship can do so at digitalartschool.com/cyfscholarship

About Center for Arts and Technology

The Center for Arts and Technology offers fully fledged diploma programs in various Arts and Technology disciplines. The campus in Kelowna is the epicenter of creative learning, home to our dedicated and highly knowledgeable staff and instructors, who connect and empower our students in a variety of industry-specific learning spaces. The campus also houses two contemporary audio recording studios, animation and digital media labs, as well as three photo and film production studios. With over 1000 graduates making their mark in creative and technology-driven industries, the Center for Arts & Technology is the place where you make passion your profession.

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