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The application deadline for the 2023 Start-up Challenge is approaching

Sheridan Impact 307 Business Incubator Director Scott Rendall

For the past seven years, Sheridan Impact 307 has challenged potential entrepreneurs to compete with like-minded people and earn the opportunity to make a dream come true by participating in the Start-Up Challenge.

Sheridan Impact 307 seeks potential entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business or early-stage entrepreneurs looking to expand their business.

Sheridan Impact 307 Business Incubator Director Scott Rendall.

S. Rendall

Through start-up challenges held in various cities across the state, Impact 307 provides monetary incentives and necessary business support to the contestants to act on their ideas.

The application process to join the Start-Up Challenge is five weeks long, and there is only one week left until this year’s deadline of September 18th.

The Start-up Challenge process involves a team of local successful entrepreneurs who will act as judges to examine applications and discover the most promising ideas with maximum growth potential. These entrepreneurs are also looking for ideas that will diversify the local economy, Rendall said.

Semi-finalists in this application process will be required to come to the Impact 307 offices, present a five-slide overview of their business idea, and field questions from the Start-up Challenge judging panel.

Five to six finalists will be selected by the judging panel, depending on the situation. Each finalist will have approximately one month to prepare for their Pitch Night presentation to be held in the historic WYO Theatre. Impact 307 staff will work with each finalist to help prepare these presentations.

Although the seed money is an incentive, according to Rendall, working with IMPACT 307 to develop this idea into a solid business and economic driving force for Sheridan is the real reward.

S. Rendall

Click here to know more about the Start-up Challenge and fill the application.


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