April 15, 2024
The 4th APEC Women Connect “Her Power” Entrepreneurship Competition Announces 2023 Winners, Celebrating Women’s Empowerment

BEIJING, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 4th annual APEC Women Connect “Her Power” entrepreneurship competition successfully ended on January 19, 2024, concluding a successful four-month session of building a new one and empowering. A gathering of over 1,300 aspiring women entrepreneurs and influencers, representing the entire spectrum from nano to mega-sized platforms.

The 4th APEC Women Connect Her Power Entrepreneurship Competition announces 2023 winners The 4th APEC Women Connect Her Power Entrepreneurship Competition announces 2023 winners, celebrating women’s empowerment

Co-hosted by cross-border e-commerce company AliExpresssocial commerce platform my shopand women empowerment organization Inner Mountain Foundation and APEC Women Connect, the “Power of Her” entrepreneurship competition, invited female e-tailers to showcase their social commerce capabilities through competitive challenges focused on promoting their product sales and social awareness. Participants also learned about many aspects of social commerce (such as social media marketing) through exclusive e-learning sessions with key mentors from partner organizations. Participants in this year’s competition were from countries including (but not limited to) the US, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, India, China, Canada, Australia, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and the UK.

The competition concluded with the 4th “Her Shakti” Entrepreneurship Competition Awards Ceremony held online on the afternoon of Friday, January 19, 2024. The ceremony began with opening remarks by APEC Business Advisory Council Chair Julia Torreblanca for 2024. In the form of a keynote address by Dianne Wang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of DHGATE Group. The ceremony proceeded with two panel discussions, two showcase presentations and the presentation of three types of prestigious awards to the 23 winners.

“When we intentionally drive digital empowerment for women and SMEs, we unlock a powerful force for positive change,” said Torreblanca. “Supporting women entrepreneurs and SMEs with access to the right skills and technology not only strengthens their individual capabilities, but also contributes to the overall growth of the SME sector. This symbiotic relationship creates a ripple effect, which impacts individual and Promotes economic empowerment at both community levels.”

Diane Wang expanded on this sentiment in her keynote speech: “Having been part of the tech industry for three decades, I have seen how transformative technology and digital tools can be, especially for women. The digital economy has The barriers to entrepreneurship have significantly reduced, enabling women from diverse backgrounds to realize their dreams. This is an equal opportunity game-changer.

“To further amplify this impact, I have launched several projects aimed at empowering women in the digital economy, including training programs and global entrepreneurship competitions,” said Dianne. “Our projects have reached more than 100,000 women in 51 countries, demonstrating the untapped potential of women around the world waiting to be realized through digital empowerment.”

23 entrepreneurs lauded for inspiring business and personal growth

The competition awarded three “AWC Her Power Queen” World Champions, representing the participants who had the highest sales volume and social media engagement and the most unique story angles. This year 20 awards were also presented in two “Rising Star” categories, representing the competition’s “Best Inner Mountain Power Queens” and “Best MyShop Influencer Queens”, which were selected according to the same criteria.

The Inner Mountain Award is presented for the first time in the fourth “Her Power” entrepreneurship competition. Developed in partnership with the Inner Mountain Foundation, a newly launched organization focused on promoting women’s empowerment around the world, the award recognizes participants who have made great strides in finding and realizing their inner strength during the event period. Has made the most progress.

Inner Mountain Foundation fosters a community of like-minded women who can lead, nurture and inspire those around them – starting with themselves – through a variety of entrepreneurial resources, mentoring, training, information, support, recognition and Even by providing access to funding. Women-owned businesses.

“AWC Her Power Queen” Award Winner

– World Champion: Sabrina Ishaq (@narrgiss,
– World Champion: Erica Sutton (@itsme234girl,
– World Champion: Tiffany James (@tiiffxny,

“Best MyShop Influencer Queen” Award Winner

“Best Inner Mountain Power Queen” Award Winner

Each winner was not only recognized for their achievements, but also received cash prizes and special gifts from the competition’s brand partners (including California-based oral hygiene specialist MySmile).

Empowering women through digital literacy e-learning

The awards ceremony featured two panel discussions focused on educational topics. The first panel was about the importance of enhancing one’s digital skills, and was presented with Melinda Ma, senior program manager of Microsoft China, Justin Hu, vice president of global business development of DHGATE Group, and Shawn Liu, vice president of Logistics Supply Chain .

The second panel, called “Empower Women’s Inner Light,” featured Lean in China co-founder Lia Lei, International Association of Women President Megan Bozzuto and Shero Initiative co-founder Rita Chao on the broader “Her Power” competition. Invited to discuss the topic. : Women Empowerment in Entrepreneurship.

Two “My Journey to Digital Proficiency” showcase presentations highlighted three success stories from two programs running at Inner Mountain Foundation’s China Chapter. The first story comes from the organization’s pioneering “Women Going Global” program, which targets female entrepreneurs and business leaders in cross-border industries, and was presented by Inner Mountain Foundation member Qiuling Zhuang. Two more case studies from the Foundation’s “Selling Youth” course, designed by DHGATE for university students majoring in cross-border e-commerce and business, were presented by Andrea Qi and Chanunthida Chumchong.

These presentations were based on the content of the “Her Power” entrepreneurship competition, which was highly focused on cross-disciplinary e-learning courses related to cross-border e-commerce like improving social commerce skills, how to boost sales on social media. , innovative shopping experience strategies, developing sales personas and securing financing. All learning content was specifically designed with Gen Z in mind, to further empower young entrepreneurs from any background.

There were total 22 e-learning sessions of the competition uploaded to youtube Reviewing content at one’s spare time for competitors and all other interested parties. The courses were delivered by a wide range of consultants from Snapchat, Flyway, Bonjour Girls, You Beauty and NetEase, among many other partner organizations. Some examples of course titles include “How to Become a Great Product Manager”, “Create High Revenue Potential Digital Advertising Creatives in the New Digital Age”, and “Sharing the Women’s Empowerment Self-Discovery Story”.

This year’s partnership with the Inner Mountain Foundation has brought a new focus on personal development and inspirational motivation. “To achieve this, we created a networking platform to harness, share and inspire one’s inner power, and most importantly, a platform to realize companionship within our community,” said Diane Wang in her keynote address. Has provided several hands-on programs focused on decentralized systems.” “We have successfully created a safe space where women can lead, nurture and inspire each other through their inner strengths while discovering and climbing their inner mountains.”

In addition to those mentioned above, others present at this year’s “Her Power” Entrepreneurship Competition Awards Ceremony included:

  • Danning Zhang, from HEBE GROUP
  • Steffi Sun, from Quadrant Labs
  • Rui and Francisco, winners of the third “Her Power” competition
  • Tom Tran and Phuong Hoang, winners of the 3rd “Her Power” competition

About APEC Women Connect

Established in 2016, APEC Women Connect is an APEC-supported program initiated by Ms. Dianne Wang, China’s Representative on the APEC Business Advisory Council, Chair of the APEC Women’s Leadership Forum, Co-Chair of B20 Indonesia’s WiBAC, and Founder. President and CEO of Shutterstock.com. APEC Women Connect aims to empower women, especially young women, to realize entrepreneurship through digital solutions through inspirational sharing, practical learning, impactful recognition and awards. APEC Women Connect has been included in the APEC Economic Leaders’ Annual Recommendation for three consecutive years. It has also been included in the B20’s annual recommendation to G20 leaders for two consecutive years.

About dhgate

Founded in 2004, AliExpress has become the leading B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace in China, boasting over 34 million live listings annually. Through its global operations and offices including the USA and UK, DHGate reaches millions of people with trusted products and services. As of December 31, 2022, AliExpress served more than 59.6 million registered buyers from 225 countries and regions, and connected them with more than 2.54 million sellers in China and other countries.

For more information, please visit AliExpress and follow @DHgate.com,

About MyShop

MyyShop is a leading social commerce platform launched by DHGATE Group that provides seamless selling experience on social media. The platform aims to empower a variety of creators – from nano to mega-influencers – to rapidly scale their social media influence and passion for content creation into online businesses. Equipped with MyyShop’s social commerce and online store creation toolkit and resources, creators can quickly identify viral or in-demand products, leveraging MyyShop’s AI-powered product recommendations based on buyer interest and sales trends You can create a customized online shopfront and earn commission through social. Commercial sales. Creators can also efficiently create their personalized product ranges through MyyShop’s centralized platform and extensive network of verified cross-border suppliers and manufacturers.

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About Inner Mountain Foundation

Inner Mountain Foundation promotes the empowerment of women through education, community and outreach. We are led by our Founder and Chairperson, Dianne Wang, who first articulated the principles of Inner Mountain Thinking in her 2024 book, The Inner Mountain. As a global foundation and women’s empowerment community, we invest in impactful educational resources that we want to make as widely accessible as possible. Our goal is to focus Inner Mountain’s work on soft skills training that we believe will empower women to be their greatest, most fully integrated lives (connecting themselves to work, family, community, and legacy). Helps in becoming strong. ,


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