April 15, 2024
Tesla recalls 2.2 million cars over warning light issue – almost all vehicles sold in the US

Tesla is recalling about 2.2 million vehicles – nearly all the cars it has sold in the US – because the font size on its instrument panel for its brake, park and antilock brake system warning lights is too small.

According to a recall notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this makes the lights difficult to read, increasing the risk of a crash. The font size violates federal safety standards, according to the agency.

The vehicles being recalled include:

  • 2012-2023 Model S
  • 2016-2024 Model
  • 2017-2023 Model 3
  • 2019-2024 Model Y
  • 2024 cybertruck vehicle

A January 30 report posted by NHTSA said Tesla is not aware of any crashes, injuries or deaths linked to the incorrect warning light font.

Tesla is fixing vehicles by releasing free, over-the-air software updates. The automaker will also mail notification letters to owners starting March 30.

Separately, NHTSA said Thursday it has begun a preliminary assessment of reports of power steering problems with some Teslas. The report said it has identified 2,388 complaints about drivers losing steering control in some 2023 Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles.

NHTSA said it has begun an engineering analysis about the issue, a step it took before issuing the recall.

Tesla is recalling more than 2 million vehicles to fix a safety problem with its Autopilot feature 02:28

Tesla has issued a series of recalls in recent weeks. The company recalled about 200,000 vehicles in the US in January because the backup camera may malfunction when reversing the car.

In December, Tesla also recalled more than 2 million vehicles across four different models to fix a flaw in its Autopilot system. This follows a years-long investigation by NHTSA into a series of fatal crashes involving Autopilot technology.

—With reporting from the Associated Press.

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