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Springfield’s finance, administration chief resigns after holding post for 16 years

Springfield – Timothy J. Plante, who served as Springfield’s chief administrative and financial officer for more than 16 years, has resigned.

“It has been an honor to serve the city of Springfield,” Plante said in a statement. “I have dedicated more than 16 years to helping return Springfield to its true greatness and putting us on solid financial footing. Although I am leaving public service, my wife Katie and I remain committed to the city and want to see Springfield thrive.

Plante was appointed in 2007 as a budget director under the state-imposed Financial Control Board appointed by then-Gov. Mitt Romney. The city was on the verge of bankruptcy, as it faced a $41 million deficit and a junk bond situation.

Overseeing all municipal projects and capital improvement plans was one of Plante’s highlights, such as a $750 million investment in the construction and renovation of new schools, $5 billion in public and private economic development projects across the city, $100 million in city parks, million and invest $1.3 billion in the 2024 plan. Till 2028.

Finance director Timothy J. is seen in the file photo. Springfield’s top health and financial officials, including Plante, say the coronavirus is damaging to residents and the city budget.

Plante also oversaw all aspects of municipal finance and emergency budgeting, tracking and record keeping for city records during several natural disasters, such as the 2011 tornado, the collapse of The Scores Gentlemen’s Club building at 453 Worthington St. in 2012. Gas explosion and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plante’s last day is September 22.

Springfield Mayor Dominic J. Sarno will establish a seven-member committee to review applications for the position. The committee will include members of the school committee, city council and the state secretaries of administration and finance.

Sarno will appoint four other members to the screening committee, two of whom will have municipal management experience.

Sarno said in the statement, “From ensuring that our city had a balanced budget without the use of reserves for nine consecutive years, to overseeing various finances for our city’s projects, TJ has performed the role of a true public servant.” Made a symbol.”

City Controller Patrick Burns will serve as acting chief administrative and financial officer and will work closely with Deputy Chief Administrative and Financial Officer Lindsey Hackett to ensure he is prepared for the temporary role.

“I want to thank the Mayor for the opportunity to fill the gap until a permanent chief administrative and financial officer is appointed,” Burns said in the statement. “In addition, I want to thank TJ Plante for his leadership and support during his tenure as CAFO, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

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