April 14, 2024

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Everywhere you look, there are opportunities and invitations. Open your inbox and everyone wants to get on a call. LinkedIn messages try to motivate you to attend a webinar or watch a quick video. There are many ways you can grow your business, many options for the next level of your career, and plenty of things you can do just to pass the time.

If you have no way to distinguish real game-changers from irrelevant requests, you’ll waste your time and not achieve your goals. You’ll feel frustrated and discouraged at the same time: too busy and no progress in sight.

You need a solid scoring system for opportunities, and you can create one with ChatGPT and this one powerful signal. Set it up, then use it whenever you need to decide what to do and where to put your energy.

A Powerful ChatGPT Hint for Making Better Decisions (And More Progress)

Copy and paste this entire prompt into ChatGPT, then edit the square brackets to provide the necessary context. The more context you can provide, the more personalized the results will be, and the more answers will take everything into account.

The goal of the prompt is to open a back-and-forth dialogue where you are taken through a scoring system based on your goals, allowing you to find alignment between the opportunity and them. Keep an open mind, be willing to refresh or re-prompt, and co-create a system that will take you on a new path for your life and work. Here is the hint:

“I am an entrepreneur and there are many opportunities in front of me. My objective is to make quick decisions on what steps I should take to make maximum progress towards my business goal. Acting as a productivity coach, let’s begin a coaching conversation where you help me dissect, analyze, and evaluate a specific opportunity I’ve encountered.

This is the first invitation: [paste or describe the invitation or opportunity along with any important context], Before we evaluate this specific opportunity, let me ask you clarifying questions on the following topics, one by one:

– My main business goal right now

– How I feel about this opportunity

– This opportunity has the potential to give birth to great things

– This opportunity is likely to be worthwhile

– The ease with which I could do this work well

– Alignment with the rest of my goals

Create a scoring system for the questions and ask me to rank each one on a scale of 1-10. Then give the final score for this occasion and ask me for the next occasion, so we can compare.”

Get help making decisions with ChatGPT

Without a system your week will be chaotic. No great entrepreneur vacillates between his goals, saying yes to everything that comes his way. Instead they are deliberate and calculated, with an unwavering determination that grows with their success.

You don’t need all the answers, you just need someone to ask the questions. Use ChatGPT’s powerful testing to gain insight into your next move and assess every move on an objective scale. Use this chat window whenever you need to figure out what to do.

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