February 24, 2024
Sequence Unveils Full-Stack No-Code Launchpad for Web3 Games – NFTgaters

Quick Take:

  • The easy-to-use platform seeks to fix the problem created by fragmented development tools and complex implementation.
  • Sequence Builder also hopes to accelerate the mass onboarding of players into Web3 games with its builder platform.
  • The platform has already onboarded AAA and indie game developers including Mighty Bear Games and Boomland.

Sequence has launched its full-stack, easy-to-use, no-code dashboard for Web3 games. The all-in-one Web3 gaming development platform seeks to empower game developers to bring their Web3 creativity to life by building quality AAA games on the blockchain.

One of the biggest criticisms of blockchain games is the poor player experience, broken development tools, and complex implementation. Sequence seeks to solve this problem by ensuring that developers enjoy a smooth and intuitive experience when implementing Web3 elements into their games. Often, developers face a trade-off between integrating Web3 and making great games.

According to Sam Barbieri, head of strategy and partnerships at Sequence, Sequence Builder removes the game-breaking dependencies that developers previously faced when integrating fragmented Web3 technology into their games.

“You don’t make half the game on Unity and the other half on Unreal Engine and hope for the best,” said Barbieri.

“Web3 development suffers from weak and broken technology that destroys the UX for players. The bar for seamlessness in gaming is incredibly high, and the Sequence Builder ensures that there is never friction in any part of the player journey, from account creation to secondary trading. Just pure seamless gaming,” said Barbaree.

The company hopes to achieve mass-market Web3 gaming with its builder platform. Sequence Builder has already onboarded AAA publishers and indie studios like Mighty Bear Games and Boomland.

Peter Kiltyka, co-founder and CEO of Sequence and its parent organization Horizon, commented: “Sequence Builder is more than a tool; It is a catalyst to enable and accelerate the creation of Web3 games, the pinnacle of our development efforts. “Gone are the days of development struggles, when technology represented a hindrance rather than an aid to creating the Web3 games players love.”

According to Kieltyka, developers can now integrate Web3 items, marketplaces, data, and experiences into their games within their platform, ensuring a seamless journey for them and their players.

“This is truly the beginning of a new era of empowerment, creativity and growth for the entire Web3 gaming ecosystem and we look forward to all the new use cases and amazing games that Sequence Builder will enable,” said Kiltyka .

Sequence Builder allows game developers to reduce the time it takes to integrate Web3 elements into their games from months to minutes. This is achieved using pre-audited smart contracts, which also allows gas-free transactions for convenient in-game purchases using credit, debit or fiat payments.

According to Sequence, the builder dashboard is fully customizable, with developers able to launch custom marketplaces that align with their game’s aesthetic and create and manage digital collections and royalties in just two minutes.

Sequence Builder is compatible with EVM chains, subnets, and app chains, but developers can add support for any of the 20+ networks within minutes. It also supports Unity, Unreal Engine, mobile, and web, expanding its addressable market.


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