June 19, 2024
Schools showcase the best they have to offer students

Shot by Dong Jun. Edited by Dong Jun. Subtitled by Yang Meiping.

The 20th Shanghai Education Expo is underway at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

Nearly 120 schools and educational organizations in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region are showcasing courses and programs at the ongoing 20th Shanghai Education Expo.

People can visit special sections of the Shanghai Exhibition Center to find quality schools at their doorstep.

These include Zhangjiang High-Teach Experimental Primary School in Pudong New Area, which is showcasing courses that inspire student innovation, and Yuanan Middle in Xuhui District, where people can watch robots developed by students to play ping pong. Are.

There are also some schools in Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, which are also offering their own curriculum aimed at promoting the overall development of students.

Among them, two schools in Anhui are showcasing their students’ talents such as Peking opera, Huangmei opera, calligraphy and aerobics.

A student performs Peking Opera at the booth of a primary school affiliated with Wuhu Normal University

“Academics is a part of education, we have to promote the overall development of our children, including intelligence and health,” said Hou Benzan, principal of Wuhui Huikui Middle School.

The primary school affiliated with Wuhu Normal University also displays a system that can record students’ performance on and off campus. This will provide teachers and parents a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of students and provide personalized teaching and learning plans accordingly.

“The system can clearly show what students are good or weak at, so we can help them further hone their strengths and overcome their shortcomings,” said school principal Feng Lu. “By doing this, we have found that children are happier and more confident.

“We need to know that students have their own potential and can advance in different fields. For example, our alumni include famous actor Chen Xiao and entrepreneur Tang Bingsen, founder of online game Happy Farm and beverage company Genqi Forest. Are.”

There are also enterprises, like China Mobile, that show how technologies can empower education.

The Shanghai Academy of Art and Design displays a system used to teach opera.

Some schools are showing how they are adopting new technologies like artificial intelligence.

At East China Normal University’s booth, visitors can see a robot dog, while nearby Tongji University’s booth features a rescue robot.

Visiting the exhibition area of ​​the Shanghai Art and Design Academy, visitors can see a system that can capture the movements of people wearing special equipment, which is being used to teach opera.

Shanghai Fengxian Secondary Vocational School is also showing off its system for people to control digital avatars for livestreaming sales. At its booth, visitors can also learn how to repair circuits at home.

Drones are being demonstrated in the expo.

Visitors can also try their hand at handicrafts at some of the vocational schools.

For example, at the booth of Shanghai Press and Publication Vocational Technical School, people can learn how to use printing technology to quickly paint beautiful feathers. They can also learn how to make cloisonné garniture, decorate metal work, but keep in mind that this will take a long time.

When tired, visitors can visit the Zhonghua Vocational School to rest and taste cookies, tea and coffee made by its students. The school has very strong strengths in subjects such as culinary arts and air service.

The offline expo will end on Sunday but its online version is available till the end of October. People can search the short program “Shanghai Education Expo” on WeChat to take an online tour of the expo.

Source: www.shine.cn

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