June 19, 2024
Roundup: Things to know in Northern Kentucky this week

We’re back with your weekly roundup of everything to know in Northern Kentucky.

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things to know

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Foundation stone for 27,000-square-foot primary care facility laid on Friday union. The site will include primary care services, behavioral health counselors and a laboratory. It will be located at Sangha Promenade Off US Route 42 near the intersection with Sweet Harmony Lane.

  • for a long time Boone County state senator John Schickel, R-Union announced that he will not contest the elections re-election Next year. He has represented the northern part of the heavily Republican county for 16 years. Schickel will serve as chair of the Senate Licensing and Business Committee in the upcoming legislative session before his term expires in December 2024.

  • One of the largest tourism nonprofits in Kentucky is getting a new acting CEO. Answer in Genesis, An umbrella nonprofit organization headquartered out of Petersburg that runs arch encounter and in Williamstown Srijan Museum In Petersburg. While Martin Iles has been promoted to the position Founding CEO Ken Ham Will continue in the monitoring and communication role.

  • Two Notre Dame Academy Students, Anna Blair and Clara Heberling, earned perfect score But act. According to tutoring service PrepScholar, only 0.25% of test takers nationally score a score of 36 on the college entrance exam.

  • Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Looking to connect with members who want to be featured in upcoming Road maps and resource guides. The resource guide will list the business with a brief description of its products and services. Ten thousand copies of the maps will be made and will be available for the next 12-14 months.

In Case You Missed It

  • two northern kentucky Mother for Freedom Chairs were photographed posing with Appalachian Proud Boys in Frankfurt earlier this month and have apparently been removed from their local leadership positions.

  • The Inquirer Food Writer Keith Pandolfi Turnt up florence suburb for a convenience 10 hidden gem restaurants With “excellent food”.

  • Grater’s Ice Cream Opening a new location at the end of the month union. Braxton Brewing Company And Davy’s Pizza The site will also soon open for “a mix of beer, pizza and ice cream all under one roof,” a press release said.

  • Some Kentucky lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill in the next legislative session that would give a person’s family and friends that chance. temporarily remove a gun From someone experiencing a mental health crisis. State Rep. Savannah Maddox, R-Dry Ridge, There is opposition to the idea.

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This article originally appeared on The Cincinnati Enquirer: The Roundup: Things to know in Northern Kentucky this week.

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