April 15, 2024
Rivers are Life Premiere 'Life Afloat'

Raising awareness around Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake

Midland, MI / AccessWire / February 2, 2024 / Today, Rivers Are Life proudly unveils the newest film, “Life Afloat,” which follows local river hero, Sarin Roun, and his passionate conservation efforts on Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia. Living in “floating villages” on the lake just downstream of the Mekong River, the local fishing community works tirelessly to catch the fish that provides 60% of Cambodia’s protein intake. Local river heroes have noticed that due to increased pollution, the health of the fish populations that go into the river and lake is declining. With approximately six million Cambodians dependent on this watershed for food, local residents are working on solutions to control the waste problem and preserve the ecosystem on which they depend.

Sarin Roun was born and raised on Tonle Sap Lake, learning to fish with his father from a young age. As he continued fishing to support his family, Sarin noticed a dramatic change that could potentially impact his livelihood, an increase in trash floating in the river and a decrease in juvenile fish. In an effort to change this, Sarin teams up with another river hero, Sophal Sagar, to recruit “eco-warriors” from each village who focus on cleaning and restoring the lake. The Tonlé Sap, also known as the lifeblood of Cambodia’s economy, connects five different provinces in Cambodia, leaving almost half the population entirely dependent on fishing.

Sofal C co-founded the NGO Bambooshoot Foundation in honor of his sister, which plays a vital role in educating the community and empowering locals at the grassroots level to take action against the influx of plastic waste in the area. Since 2018, Sofal and his organization have been fully committed to protecting the Tonle Sap through education, awareness, and solutions for the people who call the lake home.

“I try to unite all the stakeholders in each community because sometimes they don’t take action because they don’t know how to talk together and work together,” Sofal C said. “I organized the monks and fisherman and convinced them to start clearing trees to remove waste from the vegetation and mangroves when the water was low.”

Sophal and other local river heroes continue to work to advocate for the importance of proper waste collection and removal systems, creating healthy waterways for the benefit of all. “Life Afloat” inspires conservationists and others around the world to support clean waterways in their local communities as well as in poor communities like Cambodia, which are heavily dependent on clean water systems.

“Life Afloat” will premiere on February 2, 2024

Watch “Life Afloat” here.

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