April 15, 2024

Can Ozempic boost fertility?

The term ‘Ozempic babies’ is trending on social media because of unexpected pregnancies while on the drug.

Ozempic and similar medications are used to treat diabetes and assist with weight loss, but recently some women describe getting pregnant when using these medications.

Doctors said semaglutide causes a delay in gastric emptying -it can interfere with the absorption of medication taken orally like birth control. While there is little research on the topic, and very few chances, it’s still something that women must consider, especially in the early stages.

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“Right now the recommendation is that when you first start on these medications tirzepatide or monjaro or zepbound to use a backup form of contraception like a barrier condom, particularly for the first month when you’re on it,” said Dr. Andrea Coviello, Medical Director of the UNC Medical Weight Program. “When you increase the dose there is a slow in stomach motility but it goes away over time. That is the part where we need more guidelines on.”

Doctors recommend you have home pregnancy tests on hand, and if you become pregnant stop taking the weight loss drugs immediately. Doctors also said that weight gain and obesity can disrupt fertility, and weight loss can help improve reproductive functions and polycystic ovary syndrome.

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