December 1, 2023
OpenAI staff ‘threatened to quit if Sam Altman ousted’

It has been reported that nearly 500 OpenAI employees have signed a letter demanding the resignation of the company’s board and the reinstatement of fired chief executive Sam Altman.

According to Wired, the employees at the AI ​​firm behind ChatGPIT who signed the letter threatened to quit unless they were allowed to return to the company and join Mr. Altman in his new venture at Microsoft. Will join together.

The letter claims the board’s decision to remove Mr Altman and co-founder Greg Brockman puts the company at risk and accuses the board of not having the capacity to oversee the company, the report said. have put.

It calls for the board to resign and appoint two new lead independent directors, and says that if their demands are not met, those who signed the letter may resign from the company. and join Mr. Altman and Mr. Brockman in their new company. Microsoft’s AI research team – which announced that Mr Altman would join the company on Monday.

According to reports, the letter has been signed by several senior OpenAI employees, including Ilya Sutskever, the company’s chief technology officer, and one of the board members at the center of the decision to initially remove Mr. Altman.

Mr Sutskever, formerly of X, has since posted on Twitter that he “deeply regrets” his involvement in the board’s action and that he will “make every effort to reunify the company”.

The workers’ demands mark an extraordinary few days for the company, which announced the shock decision to fire Mr. Altman on Friday, with the board saying in a statement that it had “no confidence in his ability to continue to lead OpenAI.” Not trusted”, but not disclosed. Any specific reason for his dismissal.

However, reports emerged over the weekend that Mr Altman was in discussions with OpenAI about returning as chief executive soon, but those talks were said to have broken down on Sunday, before Microsoft – OpenAI’s most Big Investor – announced that Mr. Altman is joining a new advanced A.I. The company’s research team in a post on Monday morning.

OpenAI has since offered the role of chief executive to former Twitch boss Emmett Shearer, who said he has agreed to join the company.

Several OpenAI employees posted the same message on social media on Monday: “OpenAI is nothing without its people,” the first sign of ongoing discontent inside the company.


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