September 27, 2023
OneDrive users will soon be able to access their files offline

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Microsoft is planning a major improvement to OneDrive that will allow you to work with all your files completely offline. In an update to its Microsoft 365 roadmap, the company revealed a OneDrive option known as Offline Mode.

Expected to be available for preview this November and then begin rolling out for general release in December, Offline Mode will let you access your files through your browser while you’re offline and then again when you’re back online. Will sync any changes.

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“This feature will allow you to launch OneDrive in your browser and view, sort, rename, move, copy, and delete files, even without Internet access,” Microsoft said in its roadmap. “Additionally, for locally stored OneDrive files (marked as ‘always available offline’) you’ll be able to open and work on them in your browser even when you’re offline. All changes you make offline automatically Will be automatically synced and will come back once Internet connection is restored.”

Currently, OneDrive’s offline capabilities are limited. Without Internet access, you can’t sign in to your OneDrive online storage or work with your files through a browser. You can recover your OneDrive files in Windows, but only if you’ve chosen to always keep them on the device. Giving you the ability to more easily access and manage your files offline will help those who need to work in a remote location that lacks an Internet connection.

OneDrive is one of those tools that does its work in the background and hence doesn’t always get a lot of love and attention. Even Microsoft has not launched any major enhancements for the platform, instead opting to deliver small updates from time to time. But now it looks like the focus will be on some much-needed improvements to OneDrive.

Last week, Microsoft teased an online event scheduled for October 3 at 1 pm ET. The event, titled “Microsoft OneDrive: The Future of File Management Is Here,” will highlight new features for the file storage service and provide a “sneak peek” at how AI can fuel new discovery, sharing, and queries for your files. Will give.

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Amid the ongoing discussion about artificial intelligence, Microsoft is enhancing many of its core products with AI smarts. Now it will be OneDrive’s turn to feed into the AI ​​trough.

After the event, Microsoft will allow questions in a live chat-based Q&A. Interested participants can add the OneDrive event to their calendar and follow a link to join via Microsoft Teams when the event starts.


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