April 19, 2024
Today’s ‘Connections’ Answers and Hints for Thursday, September 14

Are you looking for Thursday Connections clues and answers? You can find them here:

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Hello, everyone! Happy Friday. I hope you have a very relaxing week as we relax into the weekend.

Today’s NYT relationship Hints and answers are coming immediately.

how to play connections

In relationship, you are presented with a grid of 16 words. Your task is to arrange them into four groups of four by finding the links between them. Groups can be things like horror movie franchises, a type of action, or rappers.

There is only one solution to each puzzle, and when it comes to words that can fit into more than one category, you have to be careful. You might want to rearrange the words to help you see the connections between them.

Each group is color coded. The yellow group is generally the easiest to detect, the blue and green groups fall in between, and the purple group is generally the hardest to detect. The purple group often involves word play, so keep that in mind.

Choose four words that you think go together and press submit. If you make a guess and you are wrong, you will lose a life. If you’re close to creating a correct group, you may see a message telling you that you’re one word away from getting it right, but you still have to figure out who to change.

If you make four mistakes, it’s game over. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen with the help of some pointers, and, if you’re really struggling, today’s relationship Answer.

Connection Hint for February 2nd

Scroll slowly! right after each prompt today relationship Groups, without telling you right away, I will tell you what groups are and what words they consist of.

Today’s 16 words are:

  • intention
  • Holiday
  • Buckle
  • to break
  • Horoscope
  • hole
  • Holiday
  • Holi
  • lease
  • Holy
  • Slipper
  • holey
  • Holi
  • full
  • Dog
  • Holiday

And the clues for today’s groups are:

  1. Yellow Group – Downtime
  2. Green group – components of accessories used to keep pants in place
  3. Blue Group – Sound Choice
  4. Purple group – associated with a major element of a tree

Connection group for February 2nd

Need some extra help?

Be careful: we’re starting to get into spoiler zone.

Today’s groups are…

  • Yellow Group – Vacation Time
  • Green group – features of a belt
  • blue group – homophones
  • Purple Group – ____Wood

What are today’s connection answers?

spoiler ALERT! Don’t scroll any further down the page until you’re ready to find out today relationship Answer.

This is your final warning!

Today’s relationship The answers are…

  • Yellow Group – Vacation Time (break, vacation, vacation, holiday)
  • Green Group – Belt Features (Buckle, Hole, Loop, Strap)
  • Blue Group – Homophones (Holly, Holly, Holly, Wholly)
  • Purple Group – ____ Wood (Dog, Drift, Holly, Sandal)

There is no perfect game today, but consistent wins are always welcome.

I found today’s game a little easier than it appeared at first glance, and I think sorting out the groups in order of difficulty helped a lot. The break and recess gave me a chance to enter yellow.

I was a little confused about what word should go with BUCKLE, LOOP and STRAP. I made one wrong guess (HOLEY) before remembering the mantra of “keep it simple” and correctly incorporating the HOLE.

From there, I figured I should try grouping the homophones together, and it worked. I wouldn’t have guessed the purple connection before meeting that group (I’m unfamiliar with “dogwood”), but a win is a win.

That’s all for today relationship Clues and answers. Be sure to check out my blog for hints and solutions for Saturday’s game if you need them.

PS: As soon as Driftwood was mentioned, this song by a band that I loved in childhood came to my mind. it’s terrific.

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