December 6, 2023
Noise reveals prediction-based gameplay for livestreams

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Noise revealed its gameplay for its livestreaming platform including its own multiplayer prediction game for viewers.

The combination game and livestreaming platform lets gamers place bets on what will happen next in a Fortnite match, allowing players to be more engaged with every match, said Noise CEO Jussi Laakkonen in a press briefing. Where he gave a demo of the platform.

Earlier this month, Noise announced that it had raised $21 million in venture funding. To date, the company has raised a cumulative $27 million across two funding rounds, including the first $5 million seed round.

Prediction games allow players to earn rewards and stake their virtual currency, which they then purchase with real money or win through loyalty rewards.


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Laakkonen’s team of 70 people built the platform over 3.5 years, with much of the work done during the pandemic. Lakonen said it will launch in 2024 with predictive support in Fortnite and Apex Legends, with more games coming in the future.


Noise Co-Founder

Laakkonen was previously executive vice president at Unity. Before that he co-founded Amplifier and sold it to Unity in 2014. This gave them the money to invest in Noise and incubate it for several years. He said Noise differentiates itself as a multiplayer game and livestreaming platform that transcends traditional boundaries. The platform reimagines livestreaming by integrating viewers into the gameplay as active participants.

Laakkonen said that this startup is very personal for him.

“Sometimes good ideas come when you’re trying to solve your own problem,” he said.

Laakkonen said he was inspired by the support for his favorite Counter-Strike esports team as it experienced tremendous growth during a major tournament. He was on a relaxation and ski holiday with his sons. He was watching Twitch and he was watching esports. They saw an unknown team playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He started performing better and made it to the grand finals.

Laakkonen found a lot of support for the eSports team, but he was also very disappointed with the experience. He wanted to celebrate with others and participate in the big event, but he had no way to express it. He said that when he was encouraging the players, he felt as if he was behind a glass wall.

He wanted to make Noise the first livestreaming platform that puts the user first. The company began brainstorming in March 2019, but was incorporated in August 2020. In the summer of 2020, Laakkonen was brainstorming about a name. He had a few hundred options on his notepad. Then he misspelled “noise” as “noise”. People liked it because it was positive.

The company conducted initial pilot testing and found that the idea had some merit. COVID happened and the company slowed down. It hired more people and built its first prototype in February 2021. After that, they started creating a complex product for gamers, creators, and game developers.

What is noise?

Noise is going into its closed beta.

The team created Noice as a standalone video platform that changes the way communities connect and interact with live streams. With Noise, you don’t just watch, you also play the stream. It has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of gamers and community builders who are looking to gain recognition and actively participate in the streaming experience.

This platform offers a unique blend of streaming platforms and multiplayer games. Viewers become active participants by predicting the outcomes of creators’ streams, turning the streaming session into a dynamic multiplayer experience. Even chatters are encouraged to step out of their boxes and join in the excitement, making Noise a truly immersive and engaging place for everyone.

I participated in a demo with some of my teammates, including Jenny Wilson, co-founder and creative director of Noise. We created our own avatars that resembled those from Fortnite. We attended a party together and then watched a Fortnite streamer in a battle royale game.

I found that I could get shuffled cards with specific predictions and a number of points associated with the bets I was making. If the prediction, such as gathering a set amount of wood, occurs in a time frame of 60-seconds or so, I will win the bet and receive more points.

How streamers benefit

Noise said early adoption of Noise opens up additional monetization avenues for streamers, ensuring a seamless experience with full support and white glove support.

Streamers also get access to the product team and feedback sessions, allowing for continuous improvement and a collaborative relationship with the platform. Overall, Noise provides diverse opportunities for streamers to monetize their content and create a more interactive and rewarding streaming environment.

Noise provides a unique platform for streamers to enhance their overall streaming experience and financial opportunities. Streamers on Noise benefit from improved engagement through the platform’s innovative card game, where viewers actively play the stream, fostering deeper connections and loyalty within the community. Customizable avatars in a fully animated 3D environment allow viewers to express their personality and style, creating a unique sense of community representation.

Noise also offers streamers additional ways to earn, including a reward-based advertising system and the opportunity to create and sell in-game items called Creator Cards. Streamers also get access to the product team and feedback sessions, fostering continuous improvement and a collaborative relationship with the platform.

In terms of community building, Noise goes beyond providing a unique identity for streamers and their communities. Viewers can express themselves through customizable avatars, establishing a unique presence within the community. Streamers can easily recognize and connect with community members based on their avatars, creating a sense of familiarity before the conversation even occurs in chat.

rewarding the players

For players, Noise starts as a free-to-play game.

Noise actively celebrates and promotes engagement by showcasing the most active viewers through Channel Spotlight, and providing recognition and rewards to dedicated community members. This not only acknowledges and rewards loyal viewers, but also inspires others to participate, creating a dynamic cycle of interaction that contributes to the overall growth of the community.

To minimize downtime between games, Noisey offers an interactive tour of the arena. This tour lets you explore your gaming environment, see your fans come alive, and keep the energy high throughout your stream.

All Noise Partners benefit from a 70/30 revenue share for both Subscriber and Creator Cards. About 70% is directed to the creator and the remaining 30% is allocated to Noise to offset infrastructure costs and platform development. Viewers are rewarded for watching ads after the game through platform incentives, creating a win-win scenario for both the streamer and the viewer.

Official browser support for Noice is limited to Google Chrome during this phase of beta. This limitation is to thoroughly test, develop, and evolve the Noice platform to ensure the best experience for the community. The team plans to work towards supporting a wider range of browsers as they move beyond closed beta and into the global release phase.

Noise offers alternative currencies and items in the store to enhance the user experience, providing both purchasing and earning options. Users can obtain these items through regular use and by watching optional advertisements.

The Platform Store is where players can purchase card bundles, Reshuffle tokens, and credits. Card bundles are purchased using Noise’s soft currency – Noise Coins – which are the main currency for the Noise card game. Coins can be earned by completing daily target cards as well as through match rewards and by watching promotional commercials. The more cards you have, the more options you have when playing the Noise Card game. Channel Currency, another soft currency at the channel level, is primarily used to acquire channel-specific consumables, such as mobs and chat interactions.

Shuffle tokens allow you to change your card hand in the hopes of getting a better card. You can purchase these tokens using Noise’s hard currency – Noise Credits, although they can also be obtained through the Daily Target Card. Noise Credits can also be used for a wide range of purchases, including premium social interactions.

In addition to token shuffling, Noise Credits are used to purchase premium card bundles, social features (like highlighting a message in chat), and standing out from the crowd. Weekly goals provide some noise credits, such as watching ads. However, the primary means of obtaining credit is purchasing with real money. Then again, Noise Credit is the last thing you can buy from the store.

This comprehensive system allows users to customize their experience and obtain items in a variety of ways, contributing to a more engaging and rewarding gameplay environment, so that players who don’t want to spend can participate on a level playing field. Be capable of.

While packs can be purchased with real money, there are many ways to get gold (gems) for free. Noise allows you to watch ads to earn currency on a daily basis, so players who don’t want to spend will be able to participate on a level playing field. Advertisements are available only on an opt-in basis and will not be shown during the stream.

More games will be available in the future. You can use OBS for streaming to Noice as well as recording locally.

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