April 15, 2024
Multiplayer strategy game “RoboHero” featuring seamless integration of tokens and NFTs to launch on WEMIX PLAY


  • One of the first mobile games with an ecosystem designed to bridge the Web2 and Web3 worlds
  • Set in an expansive metaverse, robot factions wage intense battles for control of vital resources in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Tokens and NFTs are seamlessly integrated into gameplay, unique DeFi tools bring a new dimension to Web3 gaming

Leading global game developer WeMed today announced that Estonian game developer Daydream House OÜ will launch the multiplayer turn-based strategy game “RoboHero” on WEMIX PLAY, the world’s largest blockchain game platform.www.wemixplay.com, Set to launch in Q1 2024, RoboHero is one of the first mobile games with an ecosystem designed for players from both the Web2 and Web3 worlds, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

In “RoboHero”, the action unfolds in the post-apocalyptic metaverse 31337, where warring robot factions fight for resources. Players choose one of three factions – ETER, DEUTER, or PLASMA – and three character classes – TANK, SHOOTER, or SNIPER with different fighting styles. Each RoboHero will have unique characteristics that combine base qualities, attributes, factions, classes, and associated bonuses. “RoboHero” also features a carefully designed character development system in which characters gain experience in battles and upon meeting specific conditions, evolve to gain increasingly better statistics.

Players defeat opponents in duels by causing more damage or taking control of most of the buildings on the map. Enter Story Mode (Player vs. Environment) and win consecutive missions to collect NFT items, or join Multiplayer Mode (Player vs. Player) to battle opponents for $ROBO. The Web3-based game “RoboHero” offers the following key features:

  • Players can purchase RoboHero robots in RoboHero LootBoxes using $ROBO tokens.
  • Players can choose between two modes of play: Story Mode (PvE) and Fightclub Mode (PvP).
    • In Story Mode, players explore new areas, fight bosses and earn in-game tokens to upgrade their robots and equipment.
    • In FightClub mode, players can create or join fight rooms to compete against each other for $ROBO tokens.
    • Players can participate in tournaments to compete for additional $ROBO tokens.
  • Players can purchase NFT items, such as energy boosters, helmets, legs, weapons, and grenades, on a special marketplace using $ROBO tokens.
  • Players can create an account on the Marketplace and link it with the game to manage their robots and NFT items.

More about NFTs – Equipment, Land, Mine, Billboard
The game includes several NFT implementations, such as land, billboards, mines, and items.

  • equipment: Each RoboHero faction has unique equipment NFTs that increase the power, vitality or range of the affiliated RoboHero which can be found in chests scattered throughout the RoboHero world. Each RoboHero has three interchangeable equipment, including a helmet, limbs armor, and corpse shield. Legend has it that after completing the entire set of 3 items, RoboHeroes can evolve into a higher form.
  • land: Land plays an important role as mines can only be generated on them, while battles and gameplay also take place on land. They can be purchased and traded freely on the market, with land owners entitled to pooled tokens for each battle that takes place on each land NFT.
  • Mines: Crafting tools and weapons in the game requires the use of copper, iron, titanium, and precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum). As the only source of these materials, mines play an important role in RoboHero and can be bought or traded on the market.
  • In-game billboard advertising: RoboHero has introduced a new billboard advertising model with 1,000 billboards placed on buildings throughout the game landscape. Billboard owners can advertise their own social media accounts and products, or instead choose to rent advertising space for a predetermined amount per week/month, or sell the billboard for profit.

“WEMIX is a great partner for us and its vast gaming industry experience will be a key factor in helping RoboHero deliver new innovations in the Web3 gaming space,” said Jakub Stefanek, CEO of RoboHero Mobile Games. “It’s an amazing opportunity to work with such a renowned company and we can’t wait to build the future of web3 gaming together.”


About WeMed
Part of the first generation of Korean PC online game developers and Korean mobile game developers, Waymade Web3 is at the forefront of the next wave of game developers who are innovating with blockchain technology. Based on the WEMIX3.0 mainnet, the WEMIX PLAY blockchain games platform is the world’s largest with millions of users and a wide range of game genres ranging from card, puzzle, simulation and strategy games; For first-person shooters, battle royale, MOBA, MMORPG, SNG, sports games and more. visit www.wemix.com/ communication for more information.

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