September 27, 2023
Mug shot theory: why Trump bows his head down

Sure, it’s a good bet that Trump quelled his mug shot rage before appearing for his impeachment. No doubt he practiced his Joker on Adderall look for the 30 or 40 minutes between his morning veritable social rant sessions (concurrent as usual with his daily extrusions the previous night). Hemberders in the golden toilet built in Chi-nah) and (b) his daily spray-tan-a-palooza session with Walt. The guy actually said “I’m pretending my hemorrhoid pain is a symptom, not a bug” Look. It takes hard work, well done mate.

But the other curious thing about TFG’s mug shot (and here I mean by “curious” in the same way as wondering if Elon Musk washes his hands after peeing, which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t) is Trump. has its head bowed downward, which I assume didn’t just happen because it was pulled down by the weight of its inflated ego and the burden of its “I am your avenger” evil overlord fantasy.

Look at all those other mug shots. Only one other person has bowed her head as much as Trump, the woman on the bottom left in the photo gallery above. (I’d tell you who that is if I knew it off the top of my head, but I’m going to leave that bit of research to the department of someone who gives more shit about these ass clowns than me. ) yes, there is also a woman in a dark pink blouse (at the moment I can only identify her as “not Sydney Powell”) with her head tilted quite low, but her perspective is low I’m a DC Comics supervillain in my Covid-stricken dreams, even more Yes, Mother Superior, I will not tell anyone that Father Flanigan groped me during mass, may I go now?

Ah, but then we see Donald. The well-crafted Vengeance sentiment is deeply inscribed on the shirt for $39.50. Why so, Donny? Is it just part of the “blue steel” magic?

No. There is much more to it.

I discovered this when I looked up an article about John Eastman and noticed an ugly spot of overexposed light on the top right of the picture – a spot we might call (if forced to name a shade) “White Nationalist White.” At least five of the mug shots have over-exposure dirt in the top-right. And almost everyone has a spot of brightness on the upper right side of their forehead.
Being a photographer, this thing really bothers me. If I like a shot like that, I’ll Photoshop it out. No one wants that in their wedding photos.

And so it is for Trump, it’s just an anti-glare strategy that he figured out by watching Rudy and Eastman and all the other (checks notes for what Trump calls them) losers.
We know that Trump is famously arrogant. I don’t think I need to explain it, for example, how Mike Pence might need to ask mom’s permission to share the debate stage with Nikki Haley. (Permission granted, but don’t shake her hand, or else you’ll grab her Sikh-ish Carolina coots and spend the night on your knees praying that mom will someday let you into the bedroom again.) Trump has famously complained that the media all too often use unflattering pictures of him – in other words, photos of him – when they should be portraying him as an astronaut looking for a sleeping Putin in a red, white and blue sunset. lifting weights while riding a horse with a face (NFT #6, I believe).
So it’s not a stretch to speculate that he noticed the upper-right quadrant of all the mug shots of his co-defendants aka minion aka soon-to-be-thrown-under-the-bus dude, and figured he had to do it. Needs to be done with the “rigger” woman on the bottom right (I bet Trump doesn’t even know her name) with her mug.

Hence the deep chin tuck. Combined with her combed orange scallop rug, it worked.


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