November 30, 2023
Moondance Labs Introduces Tansy ContainerChain: The Next Step in AppChain Deployment

[PRESS RELEASE – Tortola, BVI, Massachusetts, September 21st, 2023]

Moondance Labs, the company that developed the Tensei Appchain infrastructure protocol, today announced ContainerChains, a more efficient and developer-friendly solution for deploying application-specific blockchains (Appchains).

The rise of AppChain is valued for their dedicated blockspace, customizability, and adherence to the core principles of blockchain: security, governance capabilities, and decentralization. Yet, their complex deployment demands often complicate projects, leading to high costs and delays.

Developers need more flexible options. While smart contracts offer faster launch, they compromise depth of customization and scalability. On the other hand, rollups, despite their popularity, have decentralization concerns due to their reliance on centralized sequencers and face challenges such as data availability and transaction ordering.

To easily overcome these barriers, Tansy’s ContainerChain provides immediate access to a wide set of infrastructure resources. By simply connecting an AppChain to the Tensi network, it is transformed into a ContainerChain. This significantly simplifies the deployment process and reduces it from months to just less than an hour, allowing for ease of smart contract deployment as well as the benefits of AppChain.

“Tansi is the only protocol that allows developers to deploy a secure and decentralized Appchain in just a few hours. While there has been considerable growth in the AppChain and rollup sectors, there is a strong need for an automated but disjointed approach,” said Francisco Agosti, CEO of Moondance Labs and co-founder of Tansy. “With the launch of Containerchains, we aim to fill this gap without sacrificing decentralization, security, or core infrastructure while maintaining the core values ​​of Web3.”

ContainerChain: Advancing AppChain Capabilities

Tensi containerchains are housed in the Substrate framework, which is known for its modular architecture that promotes advanced customization. The versatility of the substrate is a strength, but it can also present a steep learning curve. Using pre-built templates with essential components already installed for compatibility with Tansy’s protocol eases developers into Substrate and the Polkadot ecosystem. Developers can deploy these templates directly or modify them to suit their specific needs. For those accustomed to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), there are EVM-compatible templates available.

When an appchain connects to Tensi and evolves into a containerchain, it benefits from the following:

  • Combination as service: Block-builder assignments to containerchains are overseen, with managed incentives to ensure continuous, secure chain activity.
  • Data Recovery as a Service: Equipping developers with the ability to retrieve the entire chain history for containerchains.
  • Major Integrations: Seamless integration with top wallets, indexers and explorers, including EVM-compatible platforms like Frontier, is a feature of the nodes.
  • XCM Integration: While mastering XCM for cross-chain communication can be complicated, the built-in templates make it simple with pre-configured
  • Chain-Management Tooling: ContainerChain management tools cover initialization, monitoring, easy upgrades, migration, and maintenance, ensuring performance and efficient troubleshooting.

In addition to these comprehensive features, Tansy’s connection with Polkadot’s Relay Chain takes advantage of the benefits of Polkadot’s shared security and built-in interoperability.

Access to ContainerChain: Join the Dancebox Testnet

Dancebox, Tencent’s first public testnet, paves the way for widespread containerchain adoption. Over 40 projects have joined the Tansy ecosystem, including RMRK (NFT infrastructure), LeverFi (DeFi), and Galaxia Studios (gaming) and will be joining Dancebox.

As Tansy’s initial ecosystem grows, the community can expect advanced cross-chain integration, user-friendly tools, and expanded features.

“Combining RMRK with Tansy’s DanceBox highlights our drive for chain-level optimization, a requirement that goes far beyond what a typical EVM L2 rollup can provide,” said Bruno Skvork, founder of RMRK. “Thanks to Tansi’s pioneering approach to the AppChain infrastructure, our broader vision for NFTs is taking shape. We can focus on building the entire universe of interactive, evolving assets and refining these complex functionalities without the disruption of managing infrastructure.

In May, Moondance Labs secured a $3 million seed round led by Arrington Capital and supported by renowned VCs such as Fenbushi, Borderless Capital, Hashkey Capital.

Developers interested in exploring the future of AppChain deployment can delve deeper into Tansy ContainerChains via the Dancebox testnet. Supported by Moondance Labs’ extensive documentation, the platform is designed to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience for everyone.

About Tansi Network

Currently under development, Tansy is an Appchain infrastructure protocol designed to simplify and accelerate Appchain deployment, making it more secure and efficient. This is in contrast to the lengthy and complex processes associated with traditional AppChain implementation. Through Tansy’s permissionless and developer-friendly protocol, AppChain can be deployed in less than an hour – a vast improvement over the usual months-long timeline. Additionally, Tansy takes advantage of the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. Learn more at

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