Merging Computers and Mobiles

Cellular telephone advances in technology are now the fastest moving on the market and are being merged with computer applications making the new mobile phones the most popular item to procure.  Computers have basically reached their potential as far as applications are concerned with goals being to minimize size without losing capabilities.  As mobile telephonic technology advances and each new model is released, more features are added making it a ‘must have’.  They now have the ability to access a wide range of options – place phone calls, play video games, listen to music, download ringtones, take photos (emailing to IDs), SMS, and now one can even access personal emails.

Up until now, people have been unable to access their own media.  Service providers have limited access to certain features from expensive WAP download sites.  It is expected that restrictions will be dropped to provide full access much in the same way as access is provided on the Internet.  This will be a boon to website designers as it will open up a new market.  The use of computers will never decrease but as more of the younger generation get accustomed to using mobile phones for all communications, it will certainly decrease somewhat. 

The ease and speed of sending and receiving messages, downloading ringtones, and forwarding funny videos makes mobile phones more popular with the younger generation.  People who own flash game websites, funny videos and picture websites, phone theme websites, and ringtone websites are anticipating and welcoming the new advances in mobile technology.  Phones now have the ability to offer simple flash games, and it is projected that they will be able to offer full flash games within the year.  The mobile can now carry 3GP videos and soon they will be streaming wmv.  Websites might want to expand by enabling users to browse, play games, view pictures, and then download to share on their phones.  These features will keep sites popular among the younger generation of mobile users.

Many phones are still not capable of browsing yet, but it is not too soon to start getting ready for the mobile content market frenzy.  Consideration might be given to setting up a WAP site that allows users to download smaller versions of popular and funny photos for smaller phone screens.  Offer 3GP format videos that include your logo on the content to enable new users to navigate your site.  There are already several websites that offer mobile phone/computer content.  WAP sites are easy to use for downloading themes, wallpapers, flash games, ringtones, streaming wmv, and 3GP videos – all for playing, rating, or commenting on personal computers.

As manufacturing competition heats up, the prices come down allowing everyone the opportunity to own a phone that can play games, videos, and music and access websites and send emails.  The internet is the place people most often use to search for sources of electronic gadgetry so take advantage of the internet and the mobile phone market.  Open a WAP site and they will come – looking for the most recent trends in mobile telephonic technology.