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List of Online and In-Person Crypto-Blockchain Hackathons 2023

Hackathon refers to the words “hacking” and “marathon” and has been a prevalent part of every major industry for over a decade. Crypto Hackathon is the latest addition to this field! These social coding programs bring together multiple parties trying to find new solutions while establishing useful collaborations. When it comes to crypto and blockchain hackathons, participants compete to develop a simple app on a blockchain network.

Given the success and popularity of these events, they are a must-see for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. That’s why we’ve compiled a full list of interesting upcoming hackathons that cover topics like blockchain and blockchain applications, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, DeFi, NFTs, Web3, fintech, apps/dapps, and ML/AI. Do you want to expand your knowledge, gain new ideas and grow your network while winning awards? Keep an eye on these contests and challenges and consider participating to earn such rewards.

Upcoming Hackathons related to Blockchain-Web3 for 2023

date hackathons Place award Tags/Themes
August 09-September 30, 2023 ₿Itcoin Olympic Hackathon Virtual $100K+ Cryptocurrency, AI/ML, Blockchain, Metaverse, Web3, DeFi, Fintech
August 21-September 25, 2023 Completely on-chain with ICP powered by the Internet Computer Virtual $5K+ Blockchain, Apps/DApps, Gaming, Web3
September 21-24, 2023 Solana Hacker House Mumbai, India , cryptocurrency, blockchain, defi, nft
September 22-24, 2023 ETHGlobal New York Hackathon New York, USA $500K+ blockchain, web3
October 06-27, 2023 ETHGlobal Online Hackathon Virtual $200K+ blockchain, web3

What are crypto hackathons?

Crypto hackathons are events where blockchain and crypto enthusiasts come together to share unique and spontaneous ideas. These events allow participants to learn more about DeFi, NFTs, the Web3 metaverse, blockchain applications, and upcoming technologies in the blockchain industry.

The crypto and blockchain hackathon aims to foster creativity and collaboration among enthusiasts, developers, and institutions. Depending on the hackathon, participants may face a specific challenge or independently develop a blockchain-based app.

Let’s delve deeper into the concept and uncover everything there is to know about crypto hackathons.

How does a hackathon work?

A hackathon typically revolves around technology, involving multiple teams and individuals. These participants collaborate to create innovative solutions within a short period of time. Here are some of the most important features of a hackathon:

  1. Themes and Challenges: The event should have a specific challenge or theme. For crypto hackathon, the theme would be crypto, blockchain, DeFi, NFT, etc.
  2. Team Formation: The objective behind hackathons is to promote innovation along with collaboration. Thus, it involves the formation of a team with subject matter experts, developers, and enthusiasts.
  3. idea generation: The parties involved share new and spontaneous ideas to tackle the given challenge.
  4. Prototype: Participants attempt to create a prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) solving a problem within a specified period of time.
  5. Consultations and Workshops: Such events are full of workshops where participants can find mentors who are experts on the topic.
  6. presentation: Each product or project created during the hackathon is presented at the end.
  7. Judgment and Awards: Judges evaluate products based on various parameters. The best and most well-executed ideas earn awards in various forms.

Different Types of Hackathons

Given the vastness of the crypto sector, many types of hackathons can be conducted. Here are the key things most developers and enthusiasts keep an eye on:

  • Blockchain Hackathon: Focuses on developing apps on blockchain networks like Ethereum.
  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Hackathon: Focuses on developing financial products and services through blockchain technology.
  • NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Hackathon: Focuses on NFT-based marketplaces, collectibles, and products.
  • Crypto Security Hackathon: Focuses on developing new ways to address security and vulnerability issues.

Why should you participate in a hackathon?

Participating in a hackathon, whether crypto or otherwise, has many benefits. Take a look at the most common ones:

  • Learning Opportunity: These events provide an opportunity to gain practical experience under expert supervision.
  • Networking: Hackathons invite subject matter experts and industry leaders, providing an opportunity to expand your network.
  • problem solving: You can learn and discover new ways to address real-world issues at hackathons. For example, participants find new app ideas to solve real-world problems in crypto hackathons.
  • innovation: Meeting like-minded individuals and subject experts can lead to brainstorming on revolutionary ideas.
  • Awards and recognition: Participants in such events can win career opportunities, market recognition and cash prizes.
  • have fun: Hackathons can be a fun experience, especially when you’re going to an event about a topic that interests you.

Who can participate in the hackathon?

Crypto Hackathon is an ideal event for blockchain developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and even students. Anyone interested in blockchain technology is welcome; Product managers, blockchain enthusiasts, and marketers will find such events useful. Anyone who wants to learn and create can be a part of it!

What skills are needed to participate in a hackathon

To find the best hackathon, it’s ideal to make sure you have the right skills. Here is an overview of the skills that are best suited for hackathons:

  • Programming: Understanding of programming languages ​​like Python, Solidity or JavaScript.
  • blockchain knowledge: Understanding of blockchain technology and related factors.
  • design: Expertise in designing UI and UX for user-friendly interfaces.
  • problem solving: Ability to find and solve technical problems.
  • pitching: Communication skills to showcase the project to potential investors and judges.

How to Prepare for a Hackathon

Participants can take full advantage of the hackathon by making appropriate preparations. Let’s take a look at some strategies that can be implemented for this:

  • Research the hackathon’s themes and challenges: Find hackathons with topics and challenges that best suit your project ideas.
  • Hone relevant technical skills: Brush up on your technical skills to deliver the best performance at the event.
  • Assemble a team with diverse skills: Find people with skills that complement your objective and team.
  • Plan your project and set clear goals: Set defined goals that can be achieved within a certain period of time.
  • Gather necessary equipment and resources: Identify and gather the correct tools to complete the project.
  • Familiarize yourself with the event schedule and rules: Know the event rules and schedule for a seamless experience.

What do you need to win a hackathon?

Given the sheer number of participants at a hackathon, standing out can be challenging. However, this can be done by keeping the following factors in mind:

  • creativity and innovation: Bringing fresh and unique ideas will set you apart.
  • Technical Excellence and Functionality: It is important to be technically proficient to deal with the upcoming challenges.
  • Practicality and relevance to the challenge: Make sure your ideas and projects fit the challenge.
  • A Compelling Presentation and Pitch: Make sure your project presentation is inspiring, content and impactful.
  • A well-documented and user-friendly prototype: Give a real-time presentation of how your product can solve real-world problems with a prototype.

Do you make money from hackathons?

It is possible to make money at hackathons; However, it depends on the event. Some hackathons reward participants with job opportunities, while some offer cash prizes.

It is highly recommended to join relevant hackathons as they provide benefits regardless. At such events, participants can easily expand their networks, find new partners and gain new insights about the industry.

Source: www.cryptonewsz.com

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