December 6, 2023
Kara Swisher criticizes billionaire Bill Ackman for hypocrisy over Musk

co-host of main base podcast, Kara Swisher And Scott Galloway, Got angry over the weekend when the lack of condemnation was pointed out Elon Musk Over his promotion of anti-Semitic propaganda last week. Swisher specifically takes aim at billionaire hedge fund manager bill ackman Who to plead strongly Harvard students were condemned for their links to a letter blaming Israel for Hamas’s devastating October 7 attack so that they could lose job opportunities.

The conversation began with Galloway arguing that he was “pleased” with the many companies that immediately halted ad spending on Twitter/X after Musk agreed with a post that blamed Jews for spreading hatred against white people. Was accused of. However, he said he was disappointed by how few people spoke out against Musk.

Swisher immediately agreed and said, “Well, no famous person has, no other billionaire has.”

“Can I just say this?” He asked saying:

Because, I gave him a hard time, Bill Ackman, which is like beating up college students who, let’s say, probably don’t make good decisions. Didn’t say a word about it, didn’t say a word about Elon. Here he is like doxxing kids.

I’m sorry. These kids are stupid and there aren’t many of them that stupid. Some of them are simply calling for a ceasefire and they can do that in America. Like we can agree or disagree with them, but this guy is trying to deceive them and he doesn’t even have a word for it, which is a clear thing. Nobody does, not one of them.

“A lot of the leadership in the financial community are Jews whose parents are Holocaust survivors,” Galloway said.

Swisher agreed and Galloway argued, “And they don’t come out against Twitter because they want to be in the SpaceX IPO.

“Right. Of course. Hey, Bill Ackman. Come on, Bill,” Swisher said, taunting Ackman, who wrote on X on Monday, “Elon Musk is not an anti-Semite.”

“And here’s the reality. We didn’t speak up enough 90 years ago,” Galloway said, interjecting:

Yes. And it is happening again. So organizations, people, customers, financiers, and American citizens in general need to speak up and say, I’m selling my Tesla.

After a conversation about why college students deserve a “hall pass” because they are still forming political opinions, Galloway then argued that business leaders should be held to a higher standard:

But when you’re the richest man in the world and you’re responsible for employees and you have dramatic influence on behavior, you set a role model for young men and you start rearranging things, using the substitution principle. Let’s start talking about. This is completely unacceptable. And what I find very troubling is that not as many people as I thought or hoped would have said, ‘I’m embarrassed that I wrote a biography on this guy.’ We are canceling the film we were going to make on him. I’m selling my Tesla. I am selling my shares. We will not be involved in the financing, wealth management or loan offerings of any company in which this individual was involved.’ If we don’t take care of this mess now, it will get out of control. And I’m incredibly shocked and disappointed that more people aren’t stepping forward.

Listen to the full episode of Pivot here.

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