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JPMorgan explores blockchain’s potential with Quorum, creates Ethereum Foundation

JPMorgan takes a deep dive into blockchain technology with the goal of transforming its payment systems. The banking giant hopes to achieve cost savings, increased efficiency and stronger security by using this technology. Innovations such as JPM Coin, a digital currency, represent the institution’s commitment to advancing next-generation banking solutions.

Since its founding in 2015, JPMorgan has been at the forefront of blockchain experimentation. The bank introduced its private network, Quorum, based on the popular public blockchain platform Ethereum.

Quorum supports self-executing agreements, known as smart contracts, enabling automated business processes. Specifically, Quorum empowers JPMorgan, one of the world’s largest banks, to develop customized applications for a variety of use cases, including trade finance, capital markets and asset management.

Among the groundbreaking applications built on Quorum, JPMorgan has pioneered JPM Coin, a digital currency that facilitates instantaneous cross-border payments. Backed by US dollars held in JPMorgan accounts,

JPM Coin can be freely exchanged for other currencies or assets on the blockchain. With the aim of increasing the speed, efficiency and security of international payments, JPM Coin is undergoing rigorous testing by a select group of clients.

Quorum, a permissioned version of Ethereum, was co-developed by JPMorgan in collaboration with other financial institutions. This innovative blockchain framework prioritizes high scalability, privacy, and security for enterprise applications.

With JPM Coin as the backbone, JPMorgan aims to streamline payments between its institutional clients, reducing transaction costs while speeding up settlement times. It is important to note that JPM Coin is classified as a stablecoin, pegged to the US dollar and backed by JP Morgan reserves.

JPM Coin is available exclusively to JPMorgan’s institutional clients, which have gone through thorough regulatory scrutiny and compliance processes. Although JPM Coin is currently in a pilot phase, limited to a select group of clients, there is immense potential in its functionality and performance.

JPMorgan plans to expand the use of JPM Coin to include additional markets and currencies and explore other applications of Quorum such as asset tokenization, smart contracts, and decentralized finance. The move by JPMorgan represents a significant milestone in the adoption of blockchain technology within the banking sector, exemplifying the benefits and challenges of integration.

Photo: JP Morgan Newsroom

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