April 19, 2024
Joe Rogan lands new Spotify deal worth up to $250 million

Under the new agreement, Rogan’s podcast will no longer be exclusive to the platform

Joe Rogan signs a new multi-year partnership deal for his podcast joe rogan experienceReportedly worth up to $250 million wall street journal Report.

Under the agreement, his controversial show – which was exclusive to Spotify for the past three years – will now be available on other services including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and YouTube. According to WSJ, The new agreement includes an upfront minimum guarantee and a revenue-sharing agreement based on advertising sales; Media Services will manage the sales and distribution of advertisements for the podcast in favor of wider distribution. Shares of the audio streaming giant rose nearly 2 percent on Friday.

According to Spotify, Rogan’s show has released more than 2,200 episodes to date, and in a blog post on the platform, he called conversations on his show “a kind of mental nourishment.” Spotify first brought Rogan onto its platform in 2020 in a deal that was reportedly worth more than $100 million and made his podcast a Spotify exclusive.

He has faced criticism in recent years and has been accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19. In 2022, several musicians, including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, called for a boycott of Spotify over the podcaster’s anti-vax comments and pulled their music from the platform.


That same year, Spotify erased several archival episodes. joe rogan experience, following reports that Rogen was recorded using racial slurs multiple times in several different contexts on the show. Spotify has been steadfast in its support of Rogan throughout the controversy, and his most popular episodes continue to attract millions of listeners.

Source: www.rollingstone.com

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