April 14, 2024
Google Search is losing its 'cached' web pages feature

One of Google Search’s oldest and best-known features, cached links, is being shut down, Google’s Search contact said in a x post Viewed by the verge, Most famously known as “cached” buttons, they are a snapshot of a web page from the last time Google indexed it. However, according to Google, they are no longer needed.

“This was to help people access pages when you can’t rely on frequent page loading,” Google’s Danny Sullivan wrote in the post. “These days, things have improved a lot. Hence, it was decided to close it.

However, nowadays this feature is used for much more than just web page backup. Many people rely on it to check the validity of a site, and SEO managers can use this feature to check their pages for errors. Many users, especially news professionals, use the cache to see if a website has been updated recently, including whether information has been added or removed. And sometimes, the cache lets you check a site that is geoblocked in your region.

Previously, clicking the three-dot menu next to a result would open an “About this result” dialog with a Cached button in the bottom right. However, it now opens a much larger menu showing the website’s “About” page, Wikipedia description, privacy settings, and more. The cached button is no longer visible.

None of the comments in Sullivan’s replies were positive, with one SEO user saying, “Come on, why remove the function? It’s really useful for all SEOs.” Sullivan said Google may one day add a link to this result in the Internet Archive where the cache link button used to be.

However, this seems to be far from a compromise, and will shift a large amount of traffic to the Internet Archive. He wrote, “No promises. We will have to talk to them, see how it all works – there are many people involved besides me. But I think it will be good all around.”

Source: www.engadget.com

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