November 30, 2023
From the hustle and bustle of college days to The Big Billion Days of Flipkart – Red International's inspiring success story

In the world of business, there are stories that inspire, there are stories that capture the essence of entrepreneurship, and there are stories that remind us of the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. With the 10th edition of Flipkart’s flagship event – ​​The Big Billion Days, coming up, it is the right time to shine a light on a business that has flourished through their collaboration with the homegrown e-commerce platform.

Red International is a dynamic enterprise led by its founders Abhishek and Saurav Red. Their story is one of tireless determination and innovation that has led the brother-sister-led company to expand its product offerings across categories over the last decade.

spark of entrepreneurship

Abhishek, an engineer, recalls the excitement of receiving his first order during his college days. “I called Saurav and said, ‘We’ve got our first order! Let’s process it!’” Saurav, an interior designer with a passion for business, seamlessly combined his design activities with the world of commerce.

Before its association with Flipkart, RED International was firmly rooted in the manufacturing of home and kitchen products. However, the duo recognized the immense potential in Flipkart and decided to explore the possibility of supplying their products through the domestic marketplace platform. In turn, Flipkart introduced him to the concept of marketplace, which ignited the spark that has been the driving force behind his successful journey.

The transition was remarkably seamless, helping them take advantage of Flipkart’s pan-India reach. From sourcing, packaging and delivery of products to paying for placement costs, Red International has come a long way. Today, they not only have their own manufacturing unit but they also import and even trade products from other brands.

Consumer base: a living tapestry

Red International’s growth from processing a handful of orders to managing 2,000 orders per day has been nothing short of remarkable. What’s even more impressive is the diversity of their consumer base.

Their product offering caters to a wide target audience. While sports and fitness products, such as gym bottles, go well with men, the majority of buyers of kitchen storage items are women. Notably, even college students shop from the company’s extensive catalog.

Although the company operates out of Bangalore, a significant portion of their consumer base comes from North and East India. Such a wide geographic reach would have been unimaginable without the platform provided by Flipkart.

The Big Billion Days: A Time of Change

As the 10th edition of The Big Billion Days (BBD) approaches, companies like Red International are gearing up for a busy period. The number of orders increases rapidly during this time, and preparations usually begin about a year in advance. For many entrepreneurs, this annual event serves as an important opportunity to grow their business. In fact, Red International is expecting a massive tenfold increase in sales during this year’s BBD!

Expanding horizons and unprecedented growth

The important role played by Flipkart in the success of RED International cannot be underestimated. Abhishek and Saurav emphasize the invaluable insights gained from Flipkart. “The support and insight provided by Flipkart managers and their valuable advice on advertising strategies helped us tremendously,” he says. Additionally, the platform’s data-driven guidance empowers their sourcing decisions, helping them collaborate with other retailers. This has allowed them to seamlessly include a wider range of products in their catalogue, offering customers an even wider selection.

Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential

This partnership exemplifies how e-commerce platforms can empower entrepreneurs to reach new heights in their business ventures. Notably, Raid International’s dreams have blossomed into reality with their journey of transformation from a single brand distributor to a multifaceted e-commerce powerhouse.

As The Big Billion Days draws closer, it is clear that such entrepreneurial success stories through Flipkart will continue to inspire and encourage both large and small businesses.

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