December 1, 2023
‘Fortnite’ leak reveals Eminem is somehow in the finale event

Fortnite hasn’t really had a wide-reaching concert since Ariana Grande in 2021, but that may be changing somewhat. A new Fortnite leak ahead of the upcoming OG Mode-ending event has revealed that none other than Eminem is coming to the game as part of the finale.

Reports are that Eminem’s performance is not the entirety of the finale, but rather a part of a larger whole that will also include a LEGO partnership, Rhythm Mode, and Racing Mode. Hypex report This is the largest event by file size alone, at 1.5 GB.

As for Eminem, I mean…Eminem? In my time he was actually the biggest thing in high school/college for a while, but that was a decade and a half ago, and showing him now seems like a weird choice. A new album, Curtain Call 2, followed in August 2022. It does not appear to be a crossover with any new albums being released. But…he’s here.

There will be three Eminem variants. The old “Slim Shady” version of this is from when I remember him best all those years ago.

But there’s also a “what Eminem looks like now” version where he looks like some kind of mafia enforcer. Then, if you participate in the event, you’ll get the “Magma” version of that modern Eminem skin.

Again, Eminem is just a part of the incident, whatever it is, because the whole thing hasn’t been leaked because Epic gets crazy enough about it. I’m not quite sure anyone saw this collaboration coming, but if you’re a celebrity, Epic probably wants your likeness in Fortnite for the endless exploration of the Metaverse. It was only about a week ago that we got a skin for F1 legend Lewis Hamilton. And Eminem is certainly a rap legend in his own right, it’s a bit of a strange time for him to be here now, especially for an event like this.

In related news, Epic recently said that they are temporarily rolling back the new age-restriction system until they come up with a less oppressive solution. One reason was that, despite being part of the Battle Royale mode, age-restrictions were going to be enforced on this upcoming finale event, and this would mean that 7% of the skins in the entire game would be ineligible to be used for guns or The “spooky” reason. Apparently there are about 10 skins that will be permanently age-restricted after all this because they are so violent or scary that they can’t be changed. I don’t know what they are. Eminem certainly isn’t one of them.

There is no official date for the OG Finale event, but many suspect that it will likely be December 3rd when the change is going to happen. I think, we will know more in a short time.

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