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Equities fall on macro data in the market – September 15, 2023 at 01:54 pm EDT

Real Time USA 02:38:49 2023-09-15 PM EDT

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September 15, 2023 at 01:54 pm EDT

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Equity declined due to importance of macro data in the market

01:54 pm

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US equity indexes fall as Michigan consumer sentiment declines, industrial action begins at Detroit automakers

12:53 pm

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Nasdaq falls more than 1% as chip makers, megacap growth stocks decline

12:52 pm


Survey shows consumer sentiment fell more than expected

12:35 pm

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Technology, industrial action at Detroit automakers weakens risk sentiment for US equities

12:14 pm

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FTSE 100 ends week higher as focus remains on BoE

11:58 am


MIB near 28,900; oil is rising

11:54 am


Industrial production increased more than expected in August

11:49 am

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Arm shares are seen as upside for the Nasdaq 100, though unlikely for the S&P 500

10:55 am


Wall St gets off to a slow start as chip-equipment, auto stocks fall.

09:04 am


US equity futures pre-bell suppressed as traders digest fresh batch of data

09:02 am

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Fed rate optimism, auto strikes leave exchange-traded funds, equity futures mixed premarket Friday

08:27 am

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Fresh batch of data seen as US equity futures trade waters pre-bail

08:00 am

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TSX futures rise as positive China data boosts commodity prices

07:43 am


FTSE 100 boosted by strong China data

07:10 am


Fed, Strike Outlook Churn Wall Street Pre-Bail; Asia, Europe up

07:09 am

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Stock futures mostly above pre-bell; Asia, Europe strong

07:07 am

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US equity futures mixed, Treasury yields jumped pre-bail on Friday ahead of Michigan consumer sentiment. inflation expectations

07:02 am

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North American Morning Briefing: Encouraging China data sees mood upbeat

06:23 am


Futures mixed as chip equipment, auto stocks fall; Hope of rate-break will support the sentiment

06:11 am


European midday briefing: Encouraging China data boosts mood in Europe

05:48 am


China data pushes FTSE 100 higher; oil prices rise

03:58 am


US futures, European stocks up after ECB rate hike, China data

03:51 am


Satrix S&P 500 ETF Promoted Securities in Issue

03:40 am

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Games Workshop did better business than expected

02:56 am


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