December 1, 2023
Entrepreneur Devendra Dilip Khole’s journey from dreams to reality

New Delhi (India), September 27: Devendra Dilip Khole, a young and aspiring entrepreneur hailing from Pune, has set a remarkable example of turning his passion into a thriving business venture. He started his entrepreneurial journey by pursuing a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications and an engineering degree. During this time he established his own manufacturing company specializing in air filters. However, his entrepreneurial spirit was not limited to this venture.

With a family background in plastic injection molding, Devendra gained early experience in business and manufacturing. This experience shaped his understanding of the dynamics of the industry and laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Passion for farming and innovation

While building his manufacturing business, Devendra also nurtured a deep passion for farming. He had a keen interest in owning agricultural land and exploring the world of farming. However, the high cost of agricultural land in Pune and its surrounding areas posed a significant challenge.

Undeterred by obstacles, Devendra set out on a journey of learning and innovation. Over the course of two years, he immersed himself in the study of farming techniques and practices. His passion for farming grew stronger and he was determined to turn it into a viable business.

hydroponic revolution

In search of a sustainable and economically viable farming model, Devendra ventured into hydroponic farming. Hydroponics is a method of farming that eliminates the need for soil, with plants grown in a nutrient-rich water solution. This innovative approach allows efficient use of resources with significantly less water consumption than traditional farming.

Devendra’s hydroponic setup used water-soluble minerals circulated through a network of pipes to the plant roots. The absence of soil not only conserved water but also reduced the risk of pests and the need for harmful pesticides. He implemented this system in poly-houses, ensuring a controlled environment with minimal risk of pests.

From balcony experiments to business expansion

Devendra’s journey from theory to practice helped him set up a small hydroponic unit in his factory and experiment with a balcony-based system at home. Through dedication and practical learning, he mastered the art of hydroponic farming. His practical knowledge and success in these experiments marked a turning point.

Today, Devendra Khole is all set to scale up his hydroponic farming venture through the company RDK Industries Pvt. Ltd. Their innovative approach not only provides a sustainable solution to farming, but also ensures access to clean and fresh vegetables throughout the year. Yields from hydroponic farming are higher than traditional methods, often by five to seven times.

BlackHat Partnership with Syndicus Incubator

A key element that fueled Devendra’s journey was his participation in the BlackHat Syndicas incubator program, led by entrepreneur Sachin Salunkhe. This program provided vital guidance, guidance, and resources for Devendra’s success.

Sachin Salunkhe, known for his visionary approach to business, recognized the potential of Devendra’s hydroponic farming model. The support and guidance provided through the program was instrumental in helping Devendra refine his ideas and turn them into a profitable reality.

Devendra Dilip Khole’s journey from an engineering student to a successful entrepreneur in both manufacturing and agriculture sectors exemplifies the spirit of innovation and determination. His story serves as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs, reminding them that with the right mix of passion, dedication and guidance, dreams can indeed become a successful reality.


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