Innovations bring change and creations of new and better ways of doing simple tasks.  As with all technology, some tailor it to use legally and others find ways of using technology illegally.  DVD duplication is becoming more and more popular, and it is important to understand what forms of duplication are and are not lawful.  Any copyrighted media – films, photos, or music – may not be duplicated in any way as it is an infringement.   Federal penalties are quite costly with risk of incarceration.  Other forms of DVD duplication are great as it consolidates information onto a small disc.  This eliminates the purchase, use and storage of clumsy video cassette tapes, photo albums, books, and other forms of media.  Transfer all your photos, family movies, and documents to DVDs or transfer movies from old VHS tapes to DVDs.  Create your own library of DVDs for ease in retrieval and assurance that your memories and documents are preserved in a format that will play on systems being marketed today.

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It is never too soon to begin converting the old to the new DVD format but before you begin, decide whether you want to leave the information on the new disc permanently or do you plan to erase the contents and record over them.  If your recording is temporary, choose a DVD-RW.  The RW is indicative of a rewritable disc and means that it can be recorded, erased, and re-recorded.  If you plan to record on a permanent basis, choose a DVD+R.  The DVD+R is less expensive than DVD-RW, and it is important to know that the DVD+R cannot be recorded over.   This is true with the music disc as well.  A CD-RW is rewriteable and offers one the flexibility of reuse.  If you prefer a permanent music disc, the CD+R is the more affordable option.  Preserve your memories and share with others by using DVD duplication.  Baby’s first steps, first words, first birthday, holiday celebrations, weddings, family and holiday pictures – all may be recorded on DVD.  Create a gift of special pictures or video for mailing to family and friends.  Some DVD players convert from VHS to DVD and from DVD to VHS.  To convert from DVD to DVD, one usually has to record from DVD to VHS and then back to DVD.  Just be sure to use a VHS that may be recorded over so that it may be used for future DVD to DVD recordings.

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This technology was not available until a few years ago, and to begin one needs a DVD recording unit and blank DVDs.  These are readily available for purchase and are usually located in the electronics departments of local retail stores or online at any electronics retail website.  DVD duplication is the best means to preserve the old and the new with today’s technology.  It is always best to preserve your cherished moments on currently available electronic devices as technology advances quickly and items we once thought were irreplaceable become obsolete.  The size of DVDs may change but the technology is here to stay, and we can be comforted in knowing that there will be DVD players for any size DVD.

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