February 24, 2024
AI chatbots ‘hallucination’ but can ChatGPT or Bard be ‘hypnotised’ to give malicious recommendations?

The Amsterdam Light Festival, the world’s most popular LEGO® exhibition and Wim Wenders’ ‘Perfect Days’ – here’s what’s cool in Europe right now.


December is finally here, but before you start debating about whether to buy or look for Christmas gifts Muppet Christmas Carol Or home alone First things first, check out these exhibitions, films, festivals, TV shows (and more) first.


Brick Art, Paris, France

Complaining about having no plans for December? Plan the world’s most popular trip LEGO® Art Exhibition in Paris, featuring some of the world’s most incredible LEGO® creations. From a 6 meter long T-Rex, to the north rose window of Chartres Cathedral, a Roman temple and even a gallery of human limbs – there are over 100 sculptures that will leave you in awe. We’re a little earlier than usual with this tip, but it’s good to get your tickets early! It opens on December 15 at Les Galeries Montparnasse, 22 rue du Départ.

Leonardo da Vinci – La Prima Mona Lisa, Turin, Italy

where did it go “Isleworth Mona Lisa” There has been quite a stir in recent headlines, with experts divided over whether the painting is an excellent Leonardo da Vinci original or an inferior copy. It received its name after being purchased in 1913 by the art dealer Hugh Blaker, based in Isleworth, west London, before being sold in 1947 to the American collector Henry Pulitzer, who devoted much of his life to proving that it was a da It was Vinci’s work. , Now you can decide for yourself, the Swiss-based Mona Lisa Foundation will be exhibiting the work at Turin’s Promotrice delle Belle Arti gallery until 26 May 2024.

John Bock: Ex-Ego-Gint, Berlin, Germany

Catch the works of the German absurdist artist John Bock While you can visit Spruth Magers Gallery, where his latest films, new sculptures and installations are on display until 22 December. It’s a sensory overload of dramatic, mind-bending action that will shock your senses.

‘Elliot Erwitt: A Retrospective’, Lyon, France

After the sad news of the French-American photographer elliot erwitt has passed away, there has never been a better time to pay tribute with a retrospective of his works in La Sucrière, Lyon; Open till 17 March 2024.

Nocturne N°2 Mark Rothko at the Foundation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France

If you haven’t seen it yet Mark Rothko’s exhibition At the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, a special night-time event takes place on December 1, where visitors can enjoy the musical accompaniment of the artist’s retrospective, creating a more unique and festive atmosphere.


Amsterdam Light Festival 2023, Netherlands

From November 30, Amsterdam’s canals are illuminated with a magical light show display, the water rippled with reflections of glowing sculptures created by artists from around the world. the subject of this year’s festival Artificial intelligence (AI) and creations reflect the effects of such technology on our everyday lives.

tallinn christmas market, estonia

Wear your warmest hat and grab yourself a mulled wine because it’s officially Christmas market season. One of the oldest in Europe is the Tallin Christmas Market, which also housed the world’s first Christmas tree display, which began in 1441.

Filled with fairground rides and stalls selling bright ornaments and festive foods, it’s like wandering in a fairy tale world for a while and it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit afterwards, ho ho ho .


perfect day

Wim Wenders is back with an amazing mirrored film set in Tokyo, Japan. perfect dayPremiered at the Cannes Film Festival, it tells the story of an aging toilet cleaner, Hirayama (Koji Yakusho), who, quite happy with his rhythmic routine, finds beauty in the meditative humdrum of daily hobbies and chores until a series of unexpected surprises. The encounters reveal his past. This will remind you to pay more attention and appreciate the little things. Reading Our exclusive interviews with vendors check more Our movie review of the week right here,



If anyone is wishing on a star right now, it’s Disney. On November 30, it was announced that Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger Will leave the post for the second time in 2026 after a year of spectacular flops. The usually reliable Marvel Cinematic Universe had the worst opening weekend in history Miracle While Disney’s latest, DesireIt had one of the worst opening weekends ever for an animated film (we’re probably not selling it very well here.)

intend to celebrate 100th anniversary of the mouse’s house, DesireThe story is built on the classic Disney trope of dreams and magic, with teenage Hope (played by Ariana DeBose) trying to save the Rojas Kingdom from an evil king by wishing upon a star.

fallen leaves

offbeat rom-com fallen leaves Directed by Finnish master of droll Aki Kaurismäki and winner of the third place Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, is now available in UK and Irish cinemas. It follows two lonely blue-collar strangers who catch sight of each other in a Helsinki karaoke bar, with their lives reconnected through subsequent events. Sad but soul-soothing, it is “our reminder that when the world collapses around you the only sensible thing to do is to surrender to chance encounters and embrace love without ever setting one foot out the door,” Euronews Film. Critic David Mauriquand writes. his review,


really love

Failing all of the above, you can always just keep watching really love, which turns 20 this year. Love it or hate it, we can all definitely agree that writing “To me, you’re perfect” on white board paper for your best friend’s wife is scary as hell. The views of two of our journalists were ,


slow horses

Gary Oldman returns for the third season of ‘Slow Horses’ on Apple TV+ as Jackson Lamb, a gruff but sharp-witted spy who leads a group of MI5 rejects. Based on the ‘Slow House’ novels by Mick Heron, this time we’re dealing with a romantic liaison that threatens to expose an MI5 secret.

John Lennon: murder without trial


Also on Apple TV+ from December 6, this is the new three-part documentary that reopens the case of John Lennon’s tragic murder by Mark Chapman on December 8, 1980. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, it examines why it happened as well as the consequences.


apple music And spotify released their top 2023 global tracks this week, both of which were dominated by Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny and Drake.

While undoubtedly not really representative of everyone’s A taste of music (shout out to vinyl-lovers), it gives a strong overview of what’s most popular at the moment, and may even inspire you to listen to something you haven’t heard yet.


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