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CT Oversight Board installs financial management firm in West Haven

West Haven City Hall

Arnold Gould/Hearst Connecticut Media

Last month, the state executed a contract with Protiviti Government Services, a Virginia-based subsidiary of management consulting firm Robert Half. Kimberly Kennison, acting finance manager for the Office of State Policy and Management, said at the Sept. 14 MARB meeting that a “kick-off meeting” had already taken place to introduce Protiviti officials to stakeholders and begin their work.

“I’m very excited about it and also being able to help the city move forward and address things that need immediate attention,” she said.


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West Haven was placed under Tier III of MARB’s four-tier system in 2017 following a deficit bond issue and remained there until May 2022, when Governor Ned Lamont raised the city to Tier IV. Under Tier IV, MARB has approval authority over all bond ordinances, budget transfers, contracts over $50,000 and the authority to appoint a finance manager to work within City Hall to implement the Board’s advice and mandates. Is.

West Haven’s financial analysis, commissioned by MARB to serve as a roadmap for Protiviti, has not yet been made public, as MARB officials classify the information included in the report as exposing West Haven to attack. may make it unsafe, it should be released.


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The financial management firm will be paid up to $1.4 million for work performed, according to the state’s contract with Protiviti obtained by the Register. An OPM spokesperson said the $1.4 million will be paid through state funds that were initially paid to West Haven but are now used to reimburse the state for Tier IV-related expenses.

The names and hourly rates of the eight positions, five of which are already filled, are redacted from a copy of the contract provided to the Register, although the contract states that a quality managing director will be assigned to OPM at no charge. Will provide services. The contract has been extended till March 31, 2025.

“In addition to monitoring the City’s activities and operations for compliance with Tier IV requirements, certain MARB powers are assigned by the Board to the Financial Manager to ensure the implementation of measures designed to improve or improve financial operations and to monitor “The city is expected to complete those measures,” the contract reads in a description of Protiviti’s scope of work.

It reads, “MARB has appointed a financial organizational assessment consultant to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the financial operations in the city.” “That consultant’s initial report will include recommended reforms and improvements in the City’s financial operations. The Financial Manager will provide advisory and project management support for the implementation of those recommendations and will monitor the City’s progress in adopting the recommended measures.”


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The contract outlines two main tasks for the firm: to support MARB in its oversight of the city by serving as the city’s representative and liaison; and providing project management assistance and coaching to the city.

According to the contract, MARB makes all decisions and Protiviti’s role is “limited to advice and project management assistance.”

An OPM spokesperson said Monday that the contract with Milone is prior to the city moving up to Tier IV, and the Protiviti contract will ensure that recommendations identified in the financial analysis are implemented and reported to MARB.


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Although the establishment of a financial management firm marks the first time OPM has established contact with West Haven City Hall since the city was elevated to Tier IV, it is unclear what legal authority the state has to take over the city’s Comply.

In the past, Beckham has said he would be interested in having the General Assembly revisit legislation to give the state oversight board more leverage and leverage. According to the agenda of MARB’s West Haven subcommittee scheduled for Tuesday, there are 18 open items in the city, some of which were added to the list months ago. In March, members of the subcommittee asked a number of questions about issues highlighted in the forensic audit report dated April 1, 2022 regarding expenditures that were identified as suspicious, such as bonuses issued to contractors and Overtime funds provided to fire departments despite those departments having their own budgets. With overtime line items.

Rossi did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday. Since Rossi is not seeking reelection in November, it is likely that his successor will be the person most closely collaborating with Protiviti.

Republican mayoral candidate Barry Lee Cohen said in an email statement that Protiviti’s expertise is “welcome and much needed” due to past financial mismanagement.


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He said, “My administration will provide leadership to the financial manager without excuse and without delay as has been the status quo of the Rossi administration.” “The sooner we show good faith and comply with MARB mandates, the better.”

Cohen also took aim at his Democratic opponent for the mayor’s seat in November, state Representative Dorinda Borrer, vice speaker of the House and former member of the Appropriations Committee, for sitting “on the sidelines” rather than mediating between the city and the state. Marb.

“Robert Half has a strong reputation and I think it’s great that we will have financial support on the ground,” Borer said in an email comment. “However, if elected it is my goal to build trust and confidence among MARB through my constructive collaborative work and demonstrate that we have the capacity to manage our city. Should be able to do that.”

Borer responded to Cohen’s allegation by saying that the state delegation voted to fund the OPM line item and “constantly met with both local and state leaders to see how we can assist with the situation in West Haven.” Are.” He said if Cohen had not been part of the City Council majority that authorized DiMasa to administer federal coronavirus relief fund grants with little oversight, “I wouldn’t have to be the mop up crew all the time.”


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Cohen said in an email response that Borer “needs a new, clean mop” and that his response to allegations of sitting on the sidelines was “pointing fingers at the politics of the same party and playing the blame game.”

He said, “In December 2020 no one on the Council, including the majority of eleven Democrats, stated clearly that the Administration would not have a vendor approval process, which it was in a position to address with the current Administration. ” “She was missing in action.”

Steven Mullins, a Republican who has announced his intention to run a write-in campaign in the November election, said in a text message that he believes the city needs to work with a financial manager ” Must be curious”. He praised the city’s acting finance director for his “admirable work,” but said the city needs more help “to get us back on track.”

A representative for Robert Half did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

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