April 15, 2024

Leading flexible workspace provider COLABS celebrated the grand opening of its newest branch at DHA Fairways Commercial with a spectacular event that seamlessly integrated entrepreneurship, art and music. The festival attracted a diverse audience including entrepreneurs, artists and emerging musicians.

The launch began with a thought-provoking panel discussion on the future of fashion e-commerce. The guests of honor included Creative Director of Zara Shahjahan, Omar Qamar, Co-Founder of Ello, and Arif Iqbal, CEO and Co-Founder of Laam. Insights were shared on the latest industry trends, impact of technology and the future of e-commerce in Pakistani fashion, providing valuable perspectives for both aspiring and established professionals.

Adding another dimension to the festival, an art exhibition showcased the works of emerging artists at BNU and NCA. Ranging from digital installations to paintings and felt sculptures, the curated collection sparked a rich dialogue on the evolving nature of art in the digital age.

The climax of the evening was an energetic concert that featured performances from emerging solo artists like Mishaal Shafi, Asteria and Salor as well as local bands like Blue and lead rapper from Towers, Ashir. The vibrant atmosphere created an ideal environment for celebration and networking, reflecting the innovative and inclusive spirit of COLABS.

In addition to the inauguration of the new space, the event underlined COLABS’s commitment to nurturing a community of creative and entrepreneurial talent. Omar Shah, CEO of COLABS, expressed his excitement about creating a platform for professionals from different industries to connect, collaborate and innovate. He commented, “This event is the beginning of what we envision as a thriving ecosystem for innovation and creativity.”

For more information on upcoming events, visit colabs.pk or follow COLABS on Instagram for updates on their vibrant community and activities.

About Collabs:

COLABS is one of Pakistan’s largest flexible workspaces and a leading hub for events, workshops and conferences. As the country’s only venture-backed co-working space, COLABS is dedicated to building a strong community of 100,000 entrepreneurs across Pakistan.

Source: minutemirror.com.pk

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