November 30, 2023
CoinGecko analysis reveals top NFT holders

A recent analysis by Coinageco has revealed who owns NFTs. According to the study, despite being in a bearish market, the top twenty Ethereum NFT whales collectively have NFT portfolios worth approximately $4.29 million. These crypto giants, against all odds, are NFT billionaires. At the pinnacle of this elite group is SethS, a man whose NFT portfolio dwarfs the competition at a staggering $19.23 million (or 11,748 ETH). SethS is the undisputed emperor of NFTs, reigning supreme as the wealthiest NFT whale.

In the shadow of SethS stands the second richest NFT whale Wilcox, whose portfolio is valued at 11,336 ETH, equivalent to $18.55 million in USD. Wilcox’s fortunes may be a bit weaker than SethS, but he remains a formidable player in the NFT sector.

Notably, four of the top twenty NFT whales also rank among the top fifteen NFT traders. Operating under the cover of anonymity, Seth now claims the dual crown of the largest NFT whale and most active trader. Another mysterious player, Mr. 703, takes third place on both leaderboards.

Seth and Mr.703 offer examples of successful early NFT investors in this delicate balancing act, skillfully managing profits while maintaining a hold on blue-chip NFTs. In contrast, Wilcox, the second-largest whale, maintains a low profile as an NFT trader, emphasizing long-term NFT appreciation. The second most profitable NFT trader, Punks OTC, prioritizes achieving immediate profits.

NFT Holdings Snap | Source: Coingeco

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The majority of wealth among these NFT titans can be traced to their CryptoPunks holdings, which account for at least half of the portfolio value of 18 of the top 20 NFT whales. Many of these huge NFT collectors are CryptoPunks, the “OGs,” who are integral to the coin’s inception. For example, Wilcox claims ownership of 215 CryptoPunks, while SethS has a substantial cache of 668 CryptoPunks V1s.

However, the emergence of Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has catapulted Machi Big Brother and JRNY Crypto into the upper echelons of NFT whales. JRNY Crypto, with 103 BYC, and Machi, with 135, have reached NFT whale status. Notably, none of them have any CryptoPunks in their portfolio.

In a twist of fate, Machi is the only member of the top 20 NFT whales who is estimated to lose money on his investment. The controversial influencer is expected to face an unrealistic loss of approximately -6,776 ETH.


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