November 30, 2023

About Josh Lamb

After graduating from the University of Kent in the summer of 2022 with a degree in History, Josh joined Proactive as a reporter on the UK editorial team later that year. While at Proactive, Josh has reported on a range of sectors, including energy companies, aviation and airlines at a time of global crisis as the region recovers from the pandemic, as well as covering economic, social and governance issues . Read more

About the Publisher

Active financial news and online broadcast teams provide fast, accessible, informative and actionable business and finance news content to a global investment audience. All our content is independently produced by our experienced and qualified teams of news journalists.

The Proactive News team spans the world’s leading finance and investment centres, with bureaus and studios in London, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney and Perth.

We specialize in the mid- and small-cap markets, we also keep our community updated on blue-chip companies, commodities and broader investment stories. This is content that excites and engages motivated private investors.

The team provides news and unique insights across markets, including but not limited to biotech and pharma, mining and natural resources, battery metals, oil and gas, crypto and emerging digital and EV technologies.

use of technology

Proactive has always been a visionary and enthusiastic adopter of technology.

Our human content creators are equipped with decades of valuable expertise and experience. The team also has access to and use of technologies to assist and enhance workflow.

Proactive will sometimes use automation and software tools, including generative AI. Nevertheless, in line with best practice regarding content production and search engine optimization, all content published by Proactive is edited and written by humans.


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