September 27, 2023
Chimpzy: A Web3 Presale with a Purpose

Chimpzy is not your average Web3 presale. Although its purpose is to provide passive income to holders, it also has a larger purpose – to increase charitable contributions. This unique combination has attracted the attention of new investors who are excited by the earning potential behind the project and the positive impact it has already had.

The chimp’s main goal is to raise awareness about climate change and global warming as well as the threat it poses to animal species. The project has created a Web3 ecosystem that mobilizes financial contributions to charities working to protect animals and fight deforestation. This means investors can make money while making a difference in the world.

Chimpzy offers three ways to earn passive income. The first is the Chimp Store, where users can earn $CHMPZ tokens by purchasing Chimpzy merchandise. A percentage of the profits from the store go directly to charity. Another avenue is NFT marketplaces, where users can purchase environment-focused NFTs that raise money for holders and charities. Chimpzy is the first NFT marketplace to share a portion of all trading fees with investors. The final path is the Zero Tolerance game, where users can earn $CHMPZ tokens by reaching certain milestones. The game pays tribute to the fight against poachers and deforestation.

What sets Chimpzy apart from other projects is that it has already donated significantly to charity, even during its presale phase. Donations have been made to organizations such as One Tree Planted and Wild Foundation. These donations are transparent and facilitated through Giving Block, making them easy to verify.

The chimp’s next target is the Australian rainforest. Once sales reach the goal of $1.4 million, funding will be made available to protect 1,000 square meters of land in the rainforest. Investors can participate in the presale and contribute to the cause while earning passive income.

Investing in chimps not only allows you to make a positive impact, but also gives you the opportunity to earn passive income and the potential for unrealistic returns. With its purpose-driven approach and transparent charitable giving, Chimpzy is reshaping the way people contribute to charity in the Web3 region.

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