July 24, 2024
‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’ is releasing the worst Operator skin, but there’s a problem

one thing i really like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III How responsive the developer Sledgehammer Games is to community complaints and requests. The studio has been interacting with fans, taking ideas into account, implementing changes and even launched an experimental playlist to test some innovative ideas and get community feedback.

That’s why I wrote a post suggesting ways to fix SBMM. I think Sledgehammer Games could really listen to these suggestions and give them proper consideration.

For the current experimental playlist, which adds blue outlines for friendly players and red outlines for enemies, my suggestion is simple: let us see our teammates through walls and make the enemy player’s outline brighter when passing or advertising. Create.

but I digress. The purpose of this post is to congratulate Sledgehammer for taking action against the worst operator skin ever in the game: Gaia, otherwise known as Groot or at least in my group-bleating Tree. Like “I haven’t even seen him” bleating tree, i bleating hate that bleating skin!”

I feel intense hatred towards anyone who uses the Gaia skin. Despite having access to it, I personally wouldn’t use it on principle modern warfare ii The Season 6 Battle Pass, which was filled with scary Halloween-themed skins like Spawn.

The problem with Gaia is that despite some changes to improve visibility, it is very hard to see the skin. It merges with the ground. It is partially transparent. It is thin and sticky. It’s very difficult to see a truly dangerous thing half the time and make it a winning skin, no matter how you dice it. it’s useless. People who use it suck the skin.

And Sledgehammer Games is amazing for taking the action of removing skin from the game. I wish they would remove it completely and replace it with something else, but at least they’re removing it until they fix the visibility issues. I’m not sure what it will look like in the end. I think they need to make it more skin heavy. Give weight to those twigs. Make it stocky, heavy and remove the transparent parts. Give it some more clothes. Dress it up with blue jeans and a muscle t-shirt. Cover it with Christmas lights.

Hey, set it on fire and burn that sucker to a crisp and never look back.

One final tip for this franchise: if you’re going to carry over skins and guns from the previous game, wait until at least Season 1 to “enable” them in the new game. Give us at least a few weeks of pre-season without all this end-game content so we can enjoy the new guns and lobbies, free from bunny rabbits and idiots. bleating Tree.

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