April 19, 2024

Of all the breweries I’ve visited, none has more accurately reflected the personality of the owner than Bagby Beer.

The Oceanside establishment, which ended its decade-long run on Jan. 31, always pours at least 20 beers, all creations of owner/brewer Jeff Bagby and his team.

Each was a refreshing take on a historic brew – American amber, Baltic-style porter, German-style lager, English-style bitter. New-fashioned unfiltered, hazy IPAs may be very popular in craft beer circles, but not here.

“These are beers that we like, they’re beers that we enjoy, they’re beers that have some kind of tradition and story behind them,” said Bagby, 49. I had no hazy IPA story to tell. If I made one, it would be just making it for the sake of making it. There is no soul there.”

This reluctance to chase trends did not tarnish Bagby’s reputation. His awards collection resembles Scrooge McDuck’s bank vault – there is a lot of gold among his more than 50 national and international medals.

However, his independent streak couldn’t save him or his 9,000-square-foot restaurant/brewery from COVID-19. Bagby and his wife and business partner Dande faithfully followed official rules, shutting down when ordered and hiding when ordered.

Bagby Bear never recovered. Last month, the couple announced they had sold Costa Mesa’s Green Cheeks Beer, an iconic brewing company. Even if they do occasionally make a hazy IPA.

The Bagbys have agreed to stay there. Jeff seemed especially pleased that Green Cheeks offered jobs to all the current employees. As grateful as he is for this ray of hope, Bagby is still laboring under a dark cloud.

“My life’s dream, my work and everything is coming to an end at this point,” he said.

buzz cuts

Brandon Keaton gets a haircut at his The Ritual Experience barbershop.

(courtesy photo)

How much does it cost to get a haircut at Tailored Hair, a 12-chair barbershop in the East Village? $65. Liquor? Free.

Lizzie Broughton, owner of Tailored Hair, said most of her clients lead busy lives, balancing the various demands of work and family.

“When they get a beer,” he said of his customers, “it’s almost a symbol. It’s like, OK, I’m going to rest for a minute.

Since 2017, California has allowed salons and barber shops to serve beer or wine to patrons during business hours. Although not all clip joints provide freshness, a considerable number of people agree that it is a popular addition in the competitive industry.

“They love it,” said Brandon Keaton, owner of The Ritual Experience, “especially after a hard long day, to get out of the house, spend some time here, have a beer and have some good conversations at the barbershop. “

Keaton said some customers consider his Scripps Ranch shop a “man cave.”

“He may have to stay here a long time,” Keaton said, “maybe watch the game.”

At Sovereign Barbershop in North Park, customers are treated to brews from nearby craft brewery, GOAL. Sometimes.

“When we have it we’ll introduce it,” said owner Renan Pizarro.

Beer is a frill, not a specialty, Pizarro said.

“We’re trying to sell good haircuts,” he said.

Still, every little bit helps.

At Tailored Hair, that $65 fee includes a consultation, a beer, a haircut, a scalp massage … “And at the end we throw in fresh cookies,” Broughton said.

next round

Now: Karl Strauss opened it 35 years ago today. Meanwhile, Blind Lady Ale House is celebrating its first 15 years. Join the celebration at karlstrauss.com and blindladyalehouse.com.

February -14: Pure Project is hosting Valentine’s Day beer and cheese pairings from 3 to 9 p.m. in all five tasting rooms. $60 for doubles or $32 for singles. (That sentence took a dark turn, didn’t it?) Tickets: purebrewing.org.

Quick Sip, Ocean Edition

Après Surf California Coastal Ale.

Après Surf California Coastal Ale.

(Courtesy of Peter Rowe)

après surf

From: Bagby’s Beer, Oceanside

ABV (by alcohol content): 4.2 percent

Style: California Coastal Ale

Drink or Dump: drink. Bagby’s Beer closed last Wednesday, but its après surf is still in operation at Oceanside’s Mission Pacific Hotel. This blonde wine only hints at the scope of Bagby’s skill, yet it is clean, crisp and light-bodied.

Northern Pine Brewing's Walker Lake Amber Ale.

Northern Pine Brewing’s Walker Lake Amber Ale.

(Courtesy of Peter Rowe)

Walker Lake

From: Northern Pine Brewing, Oceanside

ABV: 5.9 percent

Style: amber ale

Drink or Dump: drink. Appearance: A profuse, rocky head over a red body. Aroma: Ripe grain. Taste: Unburnt toast, walnuts, orange peel.

Heritage Brewery & Barbecue's Z to the Power of 3 Foreign-Style Stouts.

Heritage Brewery & Barbecue’s Z to the Power of 3 Foreign-Style Stouts.

(Courtesy of Peter Rowe)

Z to the power of 3

From: Heritage Brewery & Barbecue, Oceanside

ABV: 7 percent

Style: foreign style stout

Drink or Dump: drink. Don’t be afraid of the dark! Yes, Z is jet black, but full of deliciously roasted malt. Well carbonated, it’s smooth and easy to your taste.

Rowe is a freelance writer.

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