February 24, 2024
Blast Token Airdrop: How to get invitation code?

blast airdrop

blast airdrop

A new Ethereum Layer 2 platform called Blast has quickly become the talk of the town for its special early access event ahead of its public unveiling. The brainchild of “Pacman” the founder of the Blur platform, Blast has already received backing from major crypto investors like Paradigm and eGirl Capital. This piece details our current understanding on gaining entry into Blast’s private community and the pre-launch airdrop promotion.

What makes Blast Layer 2 unique?

Unlike other scalping solutions, Blast offers raw yield opportunities for staked ETH and stablecoins – up to 30% APY. This gives DeFi users a way to earn attractive rewards even for non-tokenized assets. Blast aims to become the primary portal catering to NFT liquidity in Ethereum, bringing substantial volume to its platform. With this powerful value proposition and the backing of key investors, Blast has significant growth potential. Compared to other scalping solutions, Blast offers base yield opportunities of up to thirty percent APY for staked ETH and stablecoins. It allows DeFi users to earn attractive rewards even on non-tokenized assets. Blast also strives to be the main gateway connecting NFT liquidity to Ethereum, directing huge volumes into its system. With this compelling value-add and funding from leading investors, Blast holds tremendous potential.

blast airdrop

Blast Airdrop – How to Invite?

Currently, to gain access to Blast it is necessary to receive an invite code from someone already included in the community.

Here are some invite codes to participate in the Blast airdrop:









How to qualify for Blast airdrop?

  • Go to the Blast website and link your primary ETH wallet like MetaMask.
  • Bridge ETH or stablecoin to Ethereum mainnet to start earning yields.

connect wallet

  • Refer friends with your custom referral code to progress towards the airdrop milestone!

As the excitement continues to build, be sure to secure your BLAST invitation ASAP to qualify for the BLAST Airdrop free token distribution coming soon!

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